Eric Metaxas on Forces of Suppression


If somebody says they have evidence that china or any of these other countries did something a thousand times more evidence than anyone had of russian collusion for years ago. that it would trigger an investigation. Just as a phony investigation was triggered over the phony russian collusion. Excuse me this is. This is as serious circumstantial evidence that that it would. It would prompt any logical person to say. Listen we must stop everything and get to the bottom of this. We have an obligation we have. We have enough evidence to say that we need an investigation into whether there is evidence of this so the voices saying no shut up. I mean we will post this today on youtube. The people behind youtube facebook whatever will probably take off they might shut us down for good because they have sided with the forces of suppression. They actually look there. So let's be honest that they don't know what they're doing they do not understand. I don't think what they are doing. They are really ignorantly foolishly. Thinking they're doing good. I will give them that but they're not You have to allow freedom. You have to allow descent. You have to lavoie uses so they're trying to crush us. They're going after our sponsor. Mike lindell because they're convinced that he's working. You know the dark side that to me is the horror here. I i was saying that i have lost. You know. Income from speaking engagements canceled winner. Because i have dared to speak my mind. That's the america in which we're living now. What's it gonna look. Like if joe biden and kamala harris take over. I don't get the impression that they are really really serious about civil rights human rights. Free speech i just don't get that impression.

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