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Can go at unbound dot or g'kar 33 degrees under a partly cloudy sky, Steve Perez wbz traffic on the threes. Here's the four day WBZ AccuWeather forecast early on this Wednesday morning. Partly cloudy and brisk, the low 30 in Boston. But in the twenties and most suburbs, it'll be blustery and colder Later today of periods of clouds and sun, we cannot rule out a flurry or snow shower high 38 real field temperatures, though mostly in the twenties. Clear tonight with less wind, although 23 downtown, but in the teens inland Brisk in Chile tomorrow Thursday with a few flurries high 36, but real fields will be in the twenties. Friday. Partly sunny and a bit milder, high. 42 a Mac, You ate the meteorologist car, but then ski WBZ

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