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Show us how they make their relationship extraordinary. Hope you're having an awesome day. Have you checked out the youtube channel yet. Life picks relationships and actually see as interact. and see. then you're g that comes out cool. No i mean. I love watching people anywhere you know. My replaces the airport literally for that reason. Especially when i'm talking to person. I need to see them. So i'll podcast because they're perfect for what i'm doing other things just but it's really cool to be able to see in person seek show expressions and all my hand motions and when i'm doing my movements let me know what you think of that. Life picks relationships now for today's guest. We've got someone a really interesting background. I'm not going to ruin it. I wanna let her tell you about it. I think you'll absolutely love her. She is the host of the fairy. Queen talks podcast after all. She calls herself berry queen of her kingdom. Where you go and check it out on our instagram fairy queen. Tatyana thank you so much very at the ana for being gear. I am so excited to be speaking with you. let's start with. How did you meet your husband. So i met my husband many years ago so about seven years ago we met at a church convention so basically where young people young singles in my faith meets up on due to activities actually had like an old girls and boys school so girls were separated two boys but in some buildings there was mixed The first time. I saw him actually playing basketball. I was very sweating. It wasn't my best self. I'll ever are not noticed that personally when we have like a damn might time now. Let's just dancing away magically and He he knows. I'm don so and that moment change everything in my life to do you know right away from the beginning. Oh my god this is the guy wants to marry or you just interested in him. Well at this point. I was like just my early twenty one. I was just turned twenty one. I was just thinking. What am i going to do it in my life. I don't want to waste my time. In silly relationships that had been full side is still just opened for new in life. I wasn't thinking about love and but as we started talking. I noticed something very special with him and i felt i don't know a con. Describe it by just felt like he had very kind spirits and that believes duck with me throughout our our meeting. I just all this. I know to good to just be a brand on my heart change. Oh if you had to see his like cop to traits would you say that's one of them and if not what arthur's top detroit. So i say kindness. He is really kind actually. On our wedding day at the end at the end of the party he offered a left so he asked not to basically drives my friend. Add to her place. And i was in my wedding breast where we're supposed to have amazing wonderful night. And he offered. You can be kind any other day. But today's today's my day enough because of his kindness he we got in the car for. And our are actually. We'll stop so we can drive at it. Ended up being like the universe knew it was my day so you actually can be completely kind so we had a bit selfish if you say well we're gonna go move over to our evening. You guys africa. Someone else selfish. My question to that would be. Do you find if he's always really kind. That it sometimes takes a toll on your relationship or he's doing too much or like now like i just can't do this now. I think his kind of consensus confused sell. Sometimes some people may take advantage of it. Which is it is not nice to see someone that you love being taken advantage off. So i think sometimes he should just focus more on himself instead of like being kind to others. Not saying he's always super sweet. But he's just very considerate of other people and Sides kind he's very a witty says funny and humorous and baking relationship. I always said. I want you to keep being guide. His mosca is so important and now we had a long distance relationship. So you have to keep the conversation going on where we travel. So if it's important to have someone these witty just this gets it. So yeah the does arbitrated ups race. I would say. Are you like type of couple that like while you're mental fighting over setting do like burst out laughing from something. It's one of those where i'm trying to be serious. Sometimes we like what to cut my feelings out like really and it's very hard. We tried to get your point across and say why your salary motions or whatever reason and he just does that look just like oh i guess we can never be serious so yes. It can be hard to to hold a grudge times. But yeah i think that really helps with with arguments kinda solves it may and he's the type of person that he just wants to be. Okay so it's just it's meet acid you to work then it'd be like let it go. Just let me go. He's easier letting things go. Oh yes i think you know some people say like you know you should never keep roger. Never go to sleep without an argument in marriage. And he's like is he said his thing and he's done and i can just three in my mind so i have to let go but that's a big task for me. So how did you learn. Obviously you're stolman process. But i'm sure that from when you got married and now you learn something on how to let go with such a guy in your life. War are some tips. You could give someone else who wants to let go and not feel like hold onto this yes so. My mother-in-law actually gives me a book about About marriage forgot the title now. But i'm reading. That book really made me realize that a lot of the things that we can be angry about. Sometimes it's just within. So i question myself now whenever i am angry. Where is this coming from. Is this coming from a place of of annoys myself. I have a bad day. So i really tried to reflect before i express my feelings because sometimes it's just i just had a bad day or something happened and i just snapped at opportunity when he is probably not thinking about what he's doing and i'm like oh you. I know you didn't close the door right. You know. just something. And that's what the argument can act can stop. Most of arguments happened into car. Because i am so. I'm nervous driver. So whenever he's driving. I just get like nervous. So that's where like those are is not the arguments which is like discussions about what you should do shouldn't do you just helps it. Make sure that you're not putting your feelings. Someone else so check in with yourself before you stop that you. Now w yeah. It's taking one hundred percent responsibility for the situation. You do this and you 'cause the trigger that and okay so maybe you felt triggered about something or maybe you got angry about something. You don't stay like that. So what are you gonna do to go and change that. I like that so much. I like my car. You know what reminds me for moms. Also she's like really bad years ago. She got a really bad accident ever since she was fine. The car was completely totaled. But like everson's then she was like really really nervous if she is sitting with me in the car. She knows she's not let a look up.

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