Ariel Pink Dropped by Label After Attending Peaceful Trump Rally


Tucker Carlson last night had a musician on The guy. Is fairly popular musician. His name eludes me now, but it's not enough critical, although I would like to help him out. And He went to the rally. Then went home what went to his hotel to take a map? He never set foot in the U. S. Capitol. But it was it was Publicized because he's a public figure is a musician. Publicized that he was at the rally. And the mob. The real mob came out against the Realty? Yes, Ariel pink. That is correct. And the mob went after the company that pays him. Of their payroll, too. To be musician. And they were attacked and death threats came And they let him go. He has no income. Now he attended a peaceful rally. If you attend a peaceful rally for the right You whatever people conduce to ruin your life to destroy your income and your name they will do. This is unprecedented. Unprecedented. Maybe maybe it was There was a brief period when this was what happened to active Communists. People who supported Stalin. Second greatest mass murderer in history, the first greatest being male. In terms of numbers. Well. Stalin, Hitler.

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