Come true. San Diego Unified


True. San Diego Unified School District superintendents Cindy Barton, nominated by President elect Joe Biden, as the deputy secretary for the Department of Education. Assistant Superintendent Dr Lamont Jackson will serve on an interim basis, Jackson told our reporting partner 10 years she's about letters. And ensuring that all of our Children have the core principles. But not everyone is happy. Martin took the reins a superintendent in 2013 parents, Cecilia Clark, talking to our reporting partner 10 use. I hope that his focus is to reopen schools sooner than later and not to keep stringing parents along lights. Andy Martin was Phil Farrar, KOGO News vice president elect Kamila Harris, stepping down from her California Senate seat today, she prepared to take the oath of Office Wednesday. Vice President elect Harris will vacate her California Senate seat effective today and not bed for the San Francisco Chronicle. Harris stressed her departure from the Senate is not a good bye that is vice president shall have the power to break ties in the upper chamber. California Governor Gavin Newsom has chosen Secretary of State Alex Padilla to fill the seat.

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