Longtime Illinois House Speaker Madigan Suspends Campaign for Speaker After Failing to Reach 60-Vote Threshold in First Vote


Mike Madigan has suspended his reelection campaign for speaker. WGN State Capitol reporter Mark Maxwell says that doesn't mean Madigan is done. Make no mistake. Speaker Madigan still wants to win this thing. This is his strategy ball out for now and see if the House Democrats splinter into different factions backing different parts. Across the state. If that happens, and Democrats remain further divided well, he's positioned himself to try and jump back in and unify the caucus. But then we're just right back to square one with at least 19 Democrats who publicly opposed his race. The Illinois Legislative Black Caucus, which back mad again is reportedly thrown his support behind Madigan allies, state representative Chris Welch. Who led the committee investigating Madigan's role in the comments scandal that investigation was dropped. A woman is under

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