A highlight from S2E84: The Shawn Harvey Morning Show 01/11/21 | Comedian Kenny Woo


Morning could morning shine. We have a great show for you all today. We're going to get started with sunny. Says where. I'm going to let you know what's going on in hollywood and entertainment news. You do not want to miss it. Good morning barbie. Girl martin everyone here in bethlehem we were cash live from it. It's twenty five degrees the highest going to be thirty nine. Today's going to be cold as hell. So you're bundle up okay and strauss. Burke is twenty three degrees freezing. Okay i will go jay which you know and thirty nine. We'll be the high and it's going to be sunny but it's still going to be breezy. Don't let the sun for us go in newark. New jersey is twenty seven degrees right now. Going up to a high of thirty nine also in partly cloudy is going to be windy. So it's gonna feel like it's twenty seven all day today and a new york city's clear and thirty degrees right now. The highest going to be thirty seven. But it's going to be so it's going to be like he's thirty day as you call me coach all atlanta. It's thirty nine degrees right now. Cloudy with a forty three four. The high and it's going to rain after ten. Am this morning. So if you're out and about bundle up and put umbrella some rain gear. Something in miami. It's seventy degrees right now. Partly cloudy seventy five will be the high But the sun will come out a little bit for the morning but then he's going to be cloudy for the rest of the day and in chicago. It's twenty three degrees cloudy. Thirty two for the high but there will be a little bit of sunshine after ten. Am this morning in los angeles. Forty eight degrees right now. Clear seventy two will be. The high is going to be nice and sunny. Warm jealous in louisville twenty eight degrees right now. Cloudy thirty six will be the high but the sun will come out after Ten am this morning. It's going to be a nice day and there in rochester. Twenty seven degrees cloudy thirty nine. We'll be the high and it's going to be cloudy for the whole day. That's hafer you always look like where you are below coming until you live in the shadow. Heavy morning show featuring cine j. Will you get you started when you get your morning started right. We have the the morning bus in. Ej broad clone. Where the one thing we can guarantee on this show each and every day your head will be buzz in before eight. Am this morning you guys. Please stay tuned for that sydney with us. Yes and in the nine o'clock hour. We have front page news with sonny j where i will let you know what's going on locally and nationally so stay tuned for that yes and there will be some harvey house. Sports yard stay tuned. So don't go nowhere. Good morning cheers everybody. Waukesha show you know. This is where we do monday through. Friday seven am ten. Am all around the world. We like to welcome all on new listener so where we do right now senate j oh we come back. We're shot out the room. Wisdom heart set in the chat room. Hey

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