Gynecologist on what is known about COVID-19 vaccines benefits, risks for pregnant women


Lindsay and Randolph you're on w. N. Y. C with vaccine expert Dr Ruth Karen from Johns Hopkins. Hi, Lindsay. I thank you guys so much for having my call. Sure. Sure. No. I am currently 25 weeks pregnant and health care worker so I am eligible in my feet. Get the vaccine and actually have an appointment on Friday. You know there's super limited data on pregnant women getting the vaccine and so I was just curious as to your thoughts about pregnant women. Getting the vaccine on, but the potential risks and benefits are to that. Right. So, um, So thank you for that question. Lindsay, and I think it's I think it's a question that probably many people, and maybe many of the listeners here have, um, what I would say is that we, um, unfortunately, we don't yet have a lot of data from studies and pregnant women. For either of these vaccines. We do have some data. There were women in the trials who this trial's did not include pregnant women. But there were women who became pregnant and the course of the trials. Just a very small number for each trial on Bui have not seen any adverse outcomes from those, um, from those studies. Um, but again, those air very small numbers. Um, there is, um, you know, I'm sure that you've seen the statement from the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Um, which Is somewhat helpful and that it goes through some of the considerations. But at the end of the day says, Of course this is a decision between you and your, um, your health care provider. There is not evidence that M R and a can harm a pregnant woman or harm the fetus. We do not have that, Um, that kind of evidence. Um, and there is not Theoretical reason to think that these that this product would be harmful. There are side effects of these vaccines that pregnant women might particularly want to note and fever is something in particular. And I believe a cock has recommendations around pre medication for fever, You know, considerations around pre medication for fever, particularly In the case of pregnant women. Um I can tell you interestingly, of course, um, recommendations for pregnant women very in countries. So in the US, we have what's called this permissive recommendation. Um, the UK Great. Britain has recently changed its recommendations They initially recommended not using the vaccine and pregnant women. They're now saying that pregnant women Who are on the front lines because they're for example, because their healthcare workers should consider using the vaccine. Muchas we are saying in the U. S. And Israel. Pregnant women are being prioritized for vaccination on day. There are many pregnant women who are because of their risks that you know the risks of covert and pregnant women. Pregnant women are at greater risk. A serious disease from Cove it than non pregnant individuals. And so that is why that population is being prioritized in Israel right now. Um Boy, the visor of vaccine and likely will be the same for them. A daring A

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