Doctor Who: The Faceless Ones review – a murderous Who-dunnit comes alive


The recent. You know kind of low budget animation. That they've been doing the more cost effective animation. I should say and thankfully we it was released in twenty twenty and finally have a complete story so this is one of the things on my to do list that i wanted to get to as soon as possible when i was making the new schedule. So this story written by david ellis and now the hulk or zydeco the incredible malcolm hulk who wrote a bunch of notable stories from the patrick troughton in jon pertwee eras including will. Hey the war games. Patrick crowds final story the celerion. The first appearance of this larry ins ambassadors of death which was really cool story that we talked about here it also the seat devils a fun story with the master that we haven't talked yet so that's one of those that hopefully we'll get to at some point here on next up. This was directed by jerry mill. This was the eighth serial of doctor who season four nineteen sixty seven starring. Patrick troughton as second doctor. Unida wills as poly right. Michael craze as been jackson in. This is betty polly's last story by the way. And frazer hines as jimmy mcrae. Mid who at the end of the story gets a promotion to main companion after benn polly Exit the tartus closing out the way of heart once and for all so jesse. I know that this is probably your first time watching the story. I'm guessing david your thoughts about it. So i yeah and i'm gonna have a couple of questions we'll get you that i assume you're going to cover in trivia but just in case you want yeah So i settled down to watch this Linda was out of. Linda was spending the night with her sister. Kaya in a many birthday celebration. And so i watched the first dealer yes. I watched the first three on friday. Night and i watched the remaining three on saturday And i enjoy the. I enjoy the last three a lot more than i did. The first three now. I think part of that may have been. I was a little tired. It was today but also think the first three were a lot of setup. Yeah in once the next three you got really a lot of the story and was really well done so overall. I'm pretty happy with this one. I'm glad we got to see it. Yeah and And i'm looking forward to talking to you about it but my question is In you've probably covered this before. But i have slept since then. Why was so much of patrick. Totten's episodes lost and specifically about this. Well there was a purge by the bbc to essentially make space as i understand it and in the process they junked a bunch of old doctor. Who's they didn't think they needed them anymore. In their infinite stupidity and a lot of them were were episodes. From the william heart. Oh and patron eras you know there was in levin and some others that had managed to recover some of those over time because this was believed in the seventies and since then you know there's been a lot of effort by fans to try and recover episodes which have either been somehow scattered to the winds across the entire globe and or just play lost in this story. They'd only managed to recover episodes one in three. That are returned to the bbc archives. Because hey now they want to keep them a what. I what i find interesting. Charles is the seventies relatively speaking. I mean i love. Lucy had been in syndication. So you think people would have realized the Cordao yet and the importance and also. I know that they talked about that. Many of the early tonight show episodes back with johnny carson. The same thing they just re. They didn't keep them. They did because they didn't think they're reporting. And i remember years ago. I talked to someone and he was british. And he's like yeah doctor who it's it's just the it's just a minor kid show. Yeah i'm sure that was the ski. Oh executive thinking yes the super geniuses as wylie coyote super genius exact who made this horrible decision probably thought. Well it's just a kid show doesn't matter you know they. They won't miss it. We've already done Because back in the day dear listeners you used to have summer reruns until you would show an episode twice and and it was kinda done. So i'm sure they were thinking okay. We've already had a repeat time to move on. It's just it's it was just a really bad unfortunate thing that happened to the show because you know like a lot of classic moments are just now lost in presumably. A lot of these are never going to be available in their original format. Now they're going to be like stories like this. That would probably be reconstructed through animation. Or maybe whatever happens in the next ten years technology wise that they could be recreated so now and i guess they had audio right so now the audio either fans have the audio or someone in so that's for steps are recreating it. Yeah thankfully now though. The upside that. I should mention was that through the efforts of fans a lot of kids at home you know. They had their home tape cassette recorders right. Or whatever you know recording real

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