Porcupines vs. Armadillos

Smash Boom Best


Hi i'm molly bloom. And this is smash boom best the show where we take two things smash them together and ask you to decide which one is best today to courageous critters take the stage. It's armadillos versus porcupines. Which brave and beautiful beast claim the crown. Will it be the master of armor or the king of quills. It won't be easy but luckily hob taste here to help us decide high hobday so hobday when i say armadillo what comes to mind so they have like armor and they got like roll up. And how about when. I say porcupine what comes to mind when i say porcupine many many needles like neil all around so this is going. Be a tough decision. Porcupines versus armadillos is gonna be a a close to me. I think this is going to be a really close debate. They both have really interesting ways of defending themselves. So what tips. Do you have far debaters today. How can they convince you. I'll say humour in facts. Those are some great debate strategies. All right now. It's time to introduce our debaters arguing for the heroic hard shelled armadillo. It's phyllis fletcher. Hi phyllis hey now. Phyllis in a single sentence why are armadillos. The most awesome because they are fabulous and tough a very compact argument. I like it here. To rep proud and prickly team porcupine. It's tracy mumford high tracy. Hey they're feeling sharp. Tracy give us your take on. Why porcupines are the perfect creature. Porcupines bring their super punk attitude across so many continents showed off their thrills and quills and surviving in the wild ready to rock. We are off to a very strong start but remember it. All comes down to hobday's opinion when him over and win the match. Phyllis and tracy are you up for the challenge. Yup so ready. Hey before we start. Let's recap the rounds. I it's the declaration of greatness team. Armadillo and t porcupine will each deliver. A statement in defense of their side using fabulous facts figures and stories. Each team will also have thirty seconds to make a rebuttal next. It's the micro around a creative challenge that both sides have already prepared for then. It's the sneak attacks a surprise challenge that will require debaters to use all of their skills to score a point and then the final six are debaters will make their last argument in just six words. A sweet short and crucial round table. Be giving out points along the way. But he'll keep his score a secret until the very end listeners. We want you to judge too. If you'd like to score on an official scorecard you can download one on our website at smash boom dot org or just make your own okay everybody. Are you ready so ready. Yep yep definitely perfect that it's time for the declaration of greatness Are debaters will present the most fascinating facts and awesome arguments in favor of their side. We flipped a coin. And phyllis your up. I get us amped up about armadillos. Imagine if you really don't like something that's happening or he thinks someone's going to come over and try to start something. Imagine you just turn into a ball. Just you're a ball and your shell is tough like a bike helmet. Your whole body is just a big sphere. Made out of bike helmet stuff. You're almost like a transformer. You just shape shifting. You don't have to deal with anything until you come out. That is the life of an armadillo. The armadillo is fabulous and tough. It looks funny and it has other weird qualities which i shall name however it's weird qualities are exactly what. Make it so tough. And so fabulous. I defy you to name a better animal. An armadillo kind of looks like a cross between a turtle an anti-terror it lives in south america. Central america and the southern. Us it's a mammal it walks around on all fords. It can be anywhere from three inches long to five feet depending what kind it is and it has a show a lot of the time it's tan which makes it look like a football and for the armadillos that can curl up and hide. Those ones can look like a tiny volleyball.

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