Side Effects of a Song: Girl Like Me (by Jazmine Sullivan)

Small Doses


Of how we break things down. So i'm very excited about this because for me. Music really is a big part of healing and about an part of self help. And that's what this show has been about from the past three years so it only felt right to bring music in as like a for real for real extension of that. I don't know about job. But like i have particular playlists that are associated with different moods. I literally start my day with a playlist that says gates you in a good mood so not just gets me in a good mood and get you in a good mood because these are ultra good mood. I mean songs on there like A little bit of love can go a long way. I've got chris brown fine china on their got the jackson five. Can you feel it. The jacksons. Can you feel it. I've got Currency and wiz khalifa car service. Because these are songs that really liked me in a good place. I mean highest coyote building a ladder so i wanted to share my music. Love with you guys. And that's how we're going to be doing it. Every so often hear small doses with our side effects song episode and our i side effects of song episode is going to be side effects of the song girl like me by jasmine sullivan featuring her and this off jasmine most recent projects which i don't know hanging out p album whatever it's a dope ass released and it's called hotels and is spelled h. Aches but the whole album as an avar work is really just giving commentary on Like women's perspective in regards to their bodies and our relationships in the here and now. And i think it's a really dope album just in terms of like how music is how music particularly black music speaks to the black experience because it is very Connected to the specificities of what is being a woman in such a technological world women in such a social media worlds and she has interludes throughout the album from different artists and different people talking about their experiences. And like she has one from ari. Lennox saying how like she used fuck with this dude and if we knew who it was and then we would be shocked. But i feel like she did tell me who it was and i can't remember and i'm like mad that i can't remember who it was. But basically she said that he dictator and that it was just she couldn't get over it and then there's another story from a woman who says that she was dating this woman who she fell in love with and then she cheated on her with her friend and she like really hit fucked up that relationship and that she had to just take that out. So just you know for all purposes. It's a joke projects. Listen to because for for where i feel has descended to. This has managed to continue and stay above bar in of lyricism and concept and of course jasmine. So you know she's singing azov she's running like flo jo and all of these songs okay. I'll be in the shower thinking i'm doing something. No no man. so today's i ever small doses side effects of a song episodes indicated to me by jazz featuring her.

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