Chicago Is Now Under Tier 2 COVID Restrictions


So chicago and suburban cook. county is now relaxed from tier three to tier two restrictions. So casinos museums can reopen with limited capacity. social gatherings in chicago are limited to no more than ten people though. Indoor dining at restaurants and bars remains suspended in the city. What else So first of all this is really the good news and he said this is an example of here in chicago. Broadly doing the right thing wearing those masks. Changing their holiday plans. We did see a little bit of a bump host those holiday gatherings but we are now past that and heading the right way so in addition to what you laid out. Health and fitness centers can be open twenty five percent capacity those fitness group classes of ten or fewer Can resume under those capacity are movie theatres and performance venues can reopen indoors forty percent capacity no more than fifty people in any space and people who wanna see more details referred to chicago dot gov slash reopening. But this is a really good step. And we're sitting at about eight. To nine percent positivity now down from sixteen percent at the peak. We're getting close if we keep seeing progress in this way I'm hopeful that really quite soon. We will be able to make that next cautious step and get some of those. Indoor bars and restaurants open again was very limited. probably twenty five percent capacity. just a few people We are balancing all of this of course against recognizing a new strain wanting to make sure that we're being careful but we're making excellent progress here. And i couldn't be more pleased with the fact that at the same time vaccine is rolling out. We're seeing people not relaxed their efforts And you're helping get us past. Covert the city.

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