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My name warning about a couple of dollars go now now from hartford connecticut. We first how long have you been doing. Stand up martial twenty three years clap. 'wow out we get numbers a different hartford connecticut. Where did it take your journey. Lead you to. Oh man. I've been i mean i've been a old started traveling three years in and i was going overseas. I've been overseas the military toward. I started about three years. And i've been over there. Maybe like twenty times between germany england and holland been all through the caribbean performing. I've been thirty seven hundred fifty states performance while it's just a few tiger couple of stand up. Comedy shows some commercials reenactments couple of independent films and stuff like that so this is a long journey. You know it's been a long funder of having a good ziesel cine win. You know like you legit and the circuit and in the game. It's not the travelling part. It's the part that folks that are hiring. You know that funny and then travel right so so. Marshall is one of those comedians. Like those money in the bank. Comedians right like washing the guy that guy when you hire shoe. He's going to rip the room. I'm just keeping it real. Because i know you're my friend and all that it's just what it is. He's that guy and let me tell you. Something city have done shows what. Marshall marshall is the headline and us comedians. i. I'm the off feature for marshall. And i ain't gonna allow the places packs any right and i go up there and i do my thing right. I don't give a damn about martial following me. And i'm got this crowded crushing room. Senior crashing. get off the stage. Look marshall go with the hell you gonna do now right. Marsha gore this jayme body room and that's that's a city that's our workplace right now like like a five guys and i say that respectively your compete with each other at work but it's a whole different situation would stand up comedy marcy. You've been doing a lot of big things lately. an enemy and before corona like like traveling the world and opening up for these comedians. These a-list like how does that make you feel like with ageless. Comedians call you You know and work with them throughout the weekend. How does that work. How does how does how do you feel about that is not. You're not mean like probably like about four five years ago. And i mean in and it started all through my career because you know four or five years ago i started a torn with don rowlands and that that kind of level me up in a in a changed things to whereas like could you know you know what us performance like we. We go performance. We perform a lot of different places. But when somebody like that pull you up. It's like you venues change. You know what i mean. The people who performed around change it worked out so that We've been on. And this summer i was able to go out to a ended up going out to chicago. Some account and i spent eighty days out there and was able to be around the king be around days appel for eighty days and watch him watch forty watch. Forty shows earn about his chamber. You know take his master class so that that was like major then a couple of weeks ago. I ended up down in austin while being able to perform with donal joe rogan day. Chapelle for two days down in texas so cloud. That's been like you know when you spend an eighty days. Dave chapelle wanted to kings of comedy man and these comedians. Respect your artwork right and your work and say yo. Come run with us. That's the marshall i o. So happy for you and everything that you're doing and keep that were going now. Let me just let me just go back real quick. Because i always ask question. Comedians right saying Wha what was that moment. Marshall when you had the day job and use like i can't do the day job i'm gonna go fulltime commun- i'm just wanna share with you real quick. I was doing like sip before in their people. Notice doing jonathan gates wrong city and boston. And i came back in the middle of the night because i have to get back to their day job at five in the morning and i fell asleep in connecticut. Almost hit a tree died and then i went to the job. Said i'm done. Because there's no way i could do this and do standup. I got to that point where it was even one or the other was even quit. Stand up and just work or go or just quit his job and do standup marshall. Was that moment bro. When he was like you know what this is it i get outta here. You know just started. I started noticing that because what happened for me is is. I got laid off from my job i was. I was probably three years. The comedy and i got laid off from my job and did at the job. They wanted a couple people to stay on to close down the call center so we ended up signing a new contract with them and then they laid us off right after we signed the contract but they must contract so they had to pay for like nine months for not working in. I mean so. I was getting a check like nine months right. It's so at that point. I was like i was like this. This is my china really stepped my comedy up so i started work. You know going traveling on new york more like a stylish to myself like that and so they probably around like the time checks check out. I a temp job. And i started noticing like that. I was hating things like that wasn't regular about a nine to five. I was in my drive work. You know what. I'm saying. The carpet inside this joe and once i started noticing that i was like you. I can't. I can't go to the same place every day. I got probably will not tent. With simon ended it was about a seven month temporary signing that india's that was it i was like i'm not going back to get no more jobs. Comedy is nothing you know see and the senate is the same sentiment will all look communities all whatever you're doing china. Follow your dreams. Get the love that that marshall myself in half a comedy you just said it was comedy or that's right and it's something you wake up in the morning news. It was When i quit my job sending i told you my family for they thought data lost my mind which i

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