The Mystery Of Hudini


Welcome to kids myths and mysteries from around the world strange and unexplained people places and events often forgotten by history or loss in the midst of time. I'm kit chrome today. Harry houdini to understand houdini magic. It's important to understand the man born eric. Weiss march twenty four th eighteen. Seventy four in budapest hungary. He moved with his family when he was four years. Old to new york. And eventually migrated appleton wisconsin in his youth. He was a natural athlete and had a fascination with magic and adopted the name. Houdini by adding an eye to the last name of his idol. French magician robert who din although there was a gimmick or special effect too many of his escapes. there were those at pressed him physically to the max one story a story mind. You is that of an underwater handcuff escape. Depending on who you talked to. He was in a box. A straightjacket or manacled hand and foot anyway. The story goes that he was in chicago in winter and had a hole cut in the frozen river that he stepped through not taking into factor that the river flowed under the ice easily escaped his manacles but was swept downriver. Above the shivering crowd eventually dispersed fearing that they had witnessed the drowning of the great magician under the ice. He moved from trapped air bubble bubble eventually finding his way out. There are dozens of versions of his story but whatever the case demonstrates his power of concentration. Above all harry. Houdini was a showman dangling from cranes. Skyscrapers upside down in a straitjacket. He would attrac- upwards of fifty thousand. Onlookers necks craned as they watched the dramatic escape. This would guarantee a pack theater that evening but he was always searching for a new effect. He's responsible for bringing the obscure thread the needle from india to the american stage. This is where he would placed dozens of needles in his mouth along with thread. Poss- drink a glass of water then amazingly extract needles threaded with enough threat to cross the stage later. He performed the same illusion with razor blades. Houdini was much more than a magician however he was a man with an insatiable curiosity and was fascinated with movies made several including one where he was to rescue the ever suffering female from iraq on the brink of niagara falls. She was harnessed to a safety line. Houdini would have none of the safety features offered and was nearly swept over the falls. He got out of the movie business because it didn't make money. He was also fascinated with airplanes and in nineteen ten. Was the first man to fly a plane in australia. Sailing for over three and a half miles. Houdini died at one twenty six. Pm tober thirty first. Nineteen twenty six. He was fifty two years old. He was a man who was driven. You might say by the slogan. The show must go on but also by his own physicality take a look at the old newspaper photos of him in various stages of escape remember. This is long before photoshop notice a developed biceps quadriceps and shoulders however by late forties he suffered from appendicitis attacks and on several occasions had to be helped off stage by age fifty despite more sophisticated special effects his performances required longer periods of recuperation is said that he was backstage reclining from a broken ankle from a previous show won a university student questioned. The magicians boasts of the stomach of oak remember. Houdini was fifty to the student. Delivered a series of blows stopped when. Houdini claimed he was not able to stand to prepare for the strikes. No one knows. If this cost the appendix to rupture hours of the event. Houdini went on to perform with a temperature of a hundred and four. Eventually he entered the hospital where he felt. Recovery was eminent but at the end he was heard to say. I'm tired of fighting. Harry had two loves in his. Life is wife bests and sell you steiner weiss. His mother when she died in nineteen thirteen. He visited select mediums in an attempt to make contact with her from the spirit. World appalled the frauds who claim to be able to make contact. He went on the warpath exposing psychics. Fortune tellers mediums and in the process and raging. The industry is most outspoken. Opponent was the blonde. Which of lime street strange seems her. Spirit guide walter in one thousand nine hundred thousand five said that. Houdini would be dead within a year but houdini had devised a code. That only best would know that if indeed there wasn't afterlife he would contact her using net code. The stories surround this aspect of his life and the code between he and his wife would take ten podcast to explain it to say that he did not connect with best using the code. Each halloween for at least four years after his death she would lie to candle. Hold a seance. She continued the sales which involved a candle said to have burned for ten years. It was a nineteen thirty six ten years after houdini. He's passing that. She handed off the candle. And say on tradition to walter. B gibson friend confidante ghostwriter for. Houdini gibson was also the original author of the shadow mysteries writing under the name maxwell grant late in his life. He passe on tradition to magician. Dorothy dietrich who now burns the candle. Every halloween while conducting a seance seems. Houdini is yet to

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