S2E90: The Shawn Harvey Morning Show 01/20/21 - burst 49


Day. Trump is how you know i. You know i'm happy. Trump is gone. We're going to see what. Joe goodall joe's do for us and we don't z. For blacks stash your opinion every time every time laugh every time every time i see what happens every time that got him in there and barbara black belt got him in the first time with barat on the shoulders of a black man to in here now. A return the favor joe. I mean and return the favor it'd be safe to say that The five out of ten times not out of ten times everytime sean came up with something said with factual that it came to this is a yes or no. Thank you now. How many times has our beloved over there. The with all her conspiracies and all these assumptions and all these things. How means house have any of this. That she said throughout the is have come true. Takes time not one of them. Forty call her diction not. This government had not one shot was be complacent. I didn't say that not one time. Has this young lady sit over there on that side of the desk. Anything she said has come through nothing but she over there barking over there about. What's the rice for the government or not all. I'm saying this woman. She's a lot of talk over there hump through six. No facts come through to come through. He laughed earlier today. He left about now. Trump forty fives clerides headed on his way to mara with his wife and family on his way out. He took sweeping clemency action during his final literal. Final hours office issuing seventy-three pardon and seventy commutations and i looked up. Commutations are like i. Guess if you're if you have a sentence you can get it lessened For something else pardons where you're free of that. The vast majority of the people on trump's clemency people whose cases have been championed by criminal justice reform advocates including those serving lengthy sentences for low level. Offenses there was steve bannon. Who was actually the last one. Granted a pardon from trump. He's trump's former. Strategist and political hype. Man who's pleaded not guilty to defrauding donors through a border wall fundraising campaign. that basically. That's what they were doing. They weren't using the money for that right. Several others donors and allies got pardons or commutations as did rappers little wayne kodak black Little wayne pleaded guilty to gun charges in florida but trump decided to part him. Because you know he's one of his friends. I guess Kodak black expected to beginning a commutation. He's currently in jail right now for a bunch of other

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