How to Identify Your Best Customers & Get More of Them


Many entrepreneurs when they looked to gain more customers. They don't ask an important question. What kind of customers. Who are you looking for. A lot of us. Spend a lot of time a lot of money and energy acquiring any kind of customer the wrong customer and said well you want to do. Is you want to find your true fans as mentioned in kevin kelly's Blockposts thousand fans. If you're not familiar with the blog post the theory is that if you have a thousand true fans a thousand customers that absolutely love what you do in rave about it. That's all you need for a successful business because you can sell a thousand people something that can make you a living in the whole point. Is that those thousand people of course are going to tell other people when you love something when you absolutely enjoy an experience at a restaurant at a resort experience with a new product or software. You get help. Tell other people about it. Whether it's in person or on social in your mastermind. Whatever the point is is that if you have a thousand people raving about you. You're just going to go gangbusters so you need to find people that are perfect fit. That will do that for you now. Of course it's not easy to get thousand right off the bat you're going to start with one two three four ten twenty one hundred two hundred you get the point. So how do we get to those thousand people. How do we attract the right people what we got to know who they are. We had a densify them. Just like if you wanted to attract talent to your team you'd have a job description right. You put a job post describing. This is who. I'm looking for. So what i want you to do. Is you're going to start creating a description of your best customer that avatar that person now. You don't have to make this up. You don't come out of thin air and say this person is made up and this is what they do and this is the type of business. Just look at your current customer base. Even if you're new you have those special customers. The ones that really are interested in what you do. The ones that congratulate you when you have a new product or new feature via email. They reply to your newsletters there on your weapon ours. They comment on your social posts. I want you to really do some research and identify these people in your customer list. Literally create a spreadsheet and. Write down their name and email address. Even if this is just like a dozen people or half a dozen people that's okay that's start now the dentist who they are. You gotta learn a lot about them. You wanna have a full understanding of who. These people are individually for example. I did this exercise. And i continue to do this. Exercise every single year. And i do customer interviews so reach out to my best customers and i try to learn as much as possible about them. For example one of our customers are the. Mary meeker sisters. Emma and carla pompous there wondering ninja users in the us webinars to grow their business to bring in new customers into their online yoga and pilates school and in the process of that conversation in understanding who they are. We ask questions like what you start this business. How long have you been doing this. How big is your team. How did you discover women are ninja. How'd you hear about it. Why did you choose us another competition. What do you like most about what problems is assault for you. What's next in your journey. What are you excited about in the future of your business. I'm basically like interviewing them. Like interviewing them on sixty minutes or something or on a podcast. I'm trying to get inside their brain. I wanna understand where they're coming from why they made the decisions they meet. What are the circumstances in their business. That causes them to use my product. Also of trying to dig a little deeper find out what is success to them. What are they looking to achieve. I want to know this. Because i want to be able to help them be successful in some way whether it's a now with my product in the future the point here is that i wanna be a part of that success on bought in. So what's the point of this exercise. The reason why you want to get to know your best customers. So well. Because i'm better. You know them the easier. It is to find people like them. If you ever had an employee that Left your company and there are green employees in the job above and beyond your expectations but decided to move on or they're changing careers. It's easy to write a job description for that position because you're basically describing that amazing team member. I'm looking for this person and it's easy for you to do that because you know who that person is. You know what they've done you know their story and you're going to do the same before your customers. Now one of the things that we do in these interviews in these conversations in these video calls is that we actually transcribe them. We actually want to see the words that they use when they talk about themselves and they talk about their business when they talk about their problems with talk about their challenges when they talk about why they chose our product. Why because again. I want to attract people just like them so wanna use the same language. I want to use the same language on my website on my social posts in my email marketing and want my potential superstar customer to read my copy and say they're speaking my language this resonates with me because this is exactly how i feel. How do they know while because they did the research because they did the work and there's nothing like that feeling when you feel like these people get me. It's hard for you to compete with a company that does that so your competition is going to have a hard time competing with you because your target market your customers. Your best customers are flocking to you. Because you're speaking their language now in this process where you're going to find is not. Everybody is your best customer. You're gonna find a thread. you're gonna find. hey home. i best customers have this in common. It could be. They could have established businesses. They could be making at least x amount of money. They have a small team. They've tried other products before mine. This is a really good exercise to make a list of all the things your best customers that you've interviewed have in common and guess what there is your customer avatar. And what you're gonna find is there's a lot of people outside of that and that's okay. Hey because it's better for you to attract the best customers. They're going to save time and money and headaches and problems. What you want are the people that really believe in what you're doing and want what you have is nothing worse than trying to convince somebody. Hey we're number one. We're great trust us. And they were allegedly by then. They're disappointed and it has nothing to do with what you did for them. It just means grizz are not a good fit successful products accessible services accessible businesses. Don't force it. They say this is who we are. This is who we serve if you're gonna love what we have in store for you but none of this is possible if you don't know who those people are if you don't know who are your best customers and what's great about business zandt Success leaves clues right customers that love. You really enjoy what you do that comment on your post. That really liked all the things on social that. Open all your emails. You have their contact. You can reject them. You can ask them some questions some of us when they do this for the first time you feel awkward like man who am i to ask for their time for a quick chat. If you feel awkward dory about it there are a fan. They're gonna love helping you and if you want to be super generous sake. Coffees on you and send them a starbucks gift card. You'll be the best ten dollars you ever spent kaisa. I'm more on today's topic before that. Let me get loved today. Sponsor webinars how well they work to generate new business for coaches consultants and other creators. We know that online marketing is ten times more powerful when you add webinars cheer campaigns but what's right platform to use what's the easiest which platforms can integrate webinars seamlessly into the rest of your marketing infrastructure. And do it all at the right price. Take a look at our very own webinar. Ninja the user. Friendliest eleven our platform ever create. Live automated series hybrid. Webinars make them free or charge for valuable lessons. Send automated emails to promote your webinar. And follow up for more conversions showcase your unique value and do it all without the hassle and stress of navigating pain in the bud software. Try within our ninja absolutely free at webinar ninja dot com and see just how easy and powerful webinars can be. That's webinar ninja dot com for a fourteen day risk-free trial to robert today's lesson. It's really important for you to find your best customers and attract more of them not only because it makes good business and it's going to keep your turn down. You're going to have more customers. You're going to have more money. Come in more revenue more repeat sales all that kind of stuff. But if you don't do that the opposite will happen where you're going to get more customers that you don't really enjoy serve inc than the ones you do and that's a bad place to be in your business where you don't let your customers or you don't resonate with them and you're annoyed by them when you have to answer an email. You're kind of roll your eyes. Oh man this person. That's a horrible place to be. And you have to be proactive about who you want to associate with. We want to work with. We want to speak to every day including your customers. That's the beauty of being an entrepreneur. Is that you get to choose who you serve. Not the other way around.

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