A highlight from S2E90: The Shawn Harvey Morning Show 01/20/21


To see you in person. And how are you. I'm doing great sean. Good morning to everyone listening. We have great show for you today. I'm this weird wednesday. We're going to get started with sunny. Says i will let you know what's going on in hollywood and entertainment news so stick around for good morning barbie. Good martin any good morning. Everyone here in bethlehem we work. Cast live till you from it. It's thirty four degrees. It is snowing right now guys. And it's a little dusting on the ground and a smack on a lot of Is going to be heavy accumulation today. and there's no should start to taper off around noon ish so you guys be careful 'cause loose lipped out right now. Thirty in strasbourg. Thirty six for the high and snow. right this morning as well and should be cleared by late afternoon and newark new jersey and thirty four degrees. Forty one would be the high snow this morning. Cloudy and a little piece of sun sometime later in the afternoon. It's not gonna do anything with this here. Snow guys in new york city. Thirty six degrees. The high is going to be thirty six right now. Only forty one. I'm sorry snow. Cloudy and should be cleared by noon as well in atlanta forty five degrees fifty four for the high end clear. A miami is sixty three degrees the highest going to be seventy five today and fair and in chicago it is sixteen degrees always co thirty two for the high and fair in los angeles. It is fifty five degrees right now. The highest going to be seventy seven. It's going to be sunny. And could lear and in a louisville guys right now it is twenty eight degrees thirty nine for the high and fair. It's going to be pretty sunny today. Twenty seven in rochester is snowing right now as well. The high is just going to be twenty seven today And they issued stops snowing in their late afternoon as well. That's the way for you all it look like where you are because you live in the show having wanted show featuring silly j. Were you get you at right. You're more than started right. Why not only place on earth which was already like to say good morning and chiefs. Everyone now insane cheers to everyone is one. Cj the morning buzz. And i guarantee you guys before nine. Am this morning. Your head will be buzzing sitting. What do you have. I got less well in the nine o'clock hour. I'm going to have front page news with seni j. Yeay it's inauguration. Day you guys stick around with that let you know everything that's going on in dc. Yeah and that

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