They Call Us Angry Asian Man

They Call Us Bruce


Hello and welcome to another edition of call us bruce an unfiltered conversation about what's happening in asia america. I'm phil you. And i'm jeff yang and on this very special episode of they call cost bruce. We have well. We have a special guest special guest. Is you literally feel you because you're marking the twentieth anniversary of angry asian man the blog that kind of started all this stuff and ended up launching. I don't know maybe a a million people into the asian american digital space A million stories million posts and build a community of sorts that continues even now today and has extended itself with this. This podcast right here. Phil you welcome back to your own hottest f from the intro. Just couple of seconds ago. Yeah i mean it feels a little self-indulgent to dedicate our podcast to a observing the twenty th anniversary of the blog that i started but I figured twenty. If i'm going to do it anytime. It's got to be this twentieth anniversary. It's significant significant enough. And i didn't want it to just pass by doing nothing. So hey you know. I gotta record record episode anyway right through. This is just an easy way out really. But the fact is i mean. It's something i would have wanted to do to because obviously we would not have had become friends if it hadn't been for the fact that you created this blog and in a lot of ways picked up On the rubric in some ways the mantle of asian american media in in fashion from that sort of prior generation of media creators. Of which i was apart right. I mean you know back. When we first met i was i had been running magazine. A magazine inside asia america. It literally you know passed into the great beyond like ripe founding angry asian man and it just it felt good to see that these these stories these ideas and frankly these emotions were were still being put out there into the into the world do you. Do you remember when we first met ver. I first time we met like face to face the very first time. Damn i'm not sure actually i remember. I remember us meeting multiple times. I mean i was living in new york. The time right and i came out here a couple times various events. But i don't remember actually. The very first time we met was so the first time we met was was the launch of star tv molly. Well of course. I remember thirteen dirt. Tv was the Sort of asian-american magazine style. Show that you produced And you guys held a press conference sorts in san francisco right. Yeah so. I went over there on my lunch break. Actually i went to the. I got an invitation so i went and then that's where i met. That's where we met. I knew who you were and then like you remember when when we came up. You're that guy right and you're like yes in fact time that guy but you know it's funny 'cause yeah that was our first meeting and i do remember that now It was it was really an interesting errand some ways because i feel like there was this brief moment when the literally at that moment it felt like all these things are happening in asia america. We had like five asian american cable channels. That had all been lost the same time you know. Internet was big. Oh my god asian app you know all these things that were happening at once and then none of those things like literally. None of them are still around except for angry asian man. Let's be real right. The magazines are gonna you know. I and i think that the staying power twenty years a long time between anything you know but but you wait so you launch this. It was february thirteenth right. Very technically february fourteen thousand one well past midnight every team. That's right. yeah. Valentine's day in two thousand one and you've basically uninterrupted been running the black since then but when you actually i hit the keystroke to put this live what were you doing. What were you thinking like. Did you think that this was even going to be around this long. I mean obviously an absolutely not not in even any way like you know because I was angry. men was Kind of a subsection of a personal website. That i i put i put together This was around. The time of this is two thousand one so like i was hard coding in html uploading via ftp to you know like to this domain and And angry men was just kind of a section of that website which also had like my resume. Like all you know like random you put on a personal website back then right

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