Saturday Night Live Parodies Gorilla Glue Hair Saga


If you didn't hear, and it all started with a crazy viral video and tic tac Early last week. This woman who by the way is a teacher put gorilla glue in her hair to tone it down. Look, I have wild crazy here, too. But Gorilla glue is like the last thing I would think of putting them by air, So she puts it in her hair, sadly, couldn't get it out. So the TIC tac video went viral. And then there came a point where no one could figure out how to help her. And then she's like, Well, I'm gonna sue Gorilla glue for this Her mistake, by the way, but she's gonna sue Gorilla glue. Like back in the day, the McDonald's the hot coffee person sues and then you know they have to have all the disclaimers now. So at the end of the week last week, we got word that a very generous plastic surgeon from a vault places Beverly Hills. Took care of her. Find out. Find out the right recipe. Tol you get this stuff out of her hair. And it was successful. It was like a $12,000 surgery. He did it for free, took good care of her. And now she's complaining. That they had to cut her hair short. I mean, yeah. You got all this exposure you had a world famous plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills 12 grand on his dive. And then you complain afterwards of well there was my hair. They had to cut a real short. Meanwhile, this has been so popular that even as said now had to jump on the bandwagon over the weekend. It happened to you your worst nightmare. We've all been there. You ran out of hair product and you use gorilla glue instead. And in turn your beautiful, luscious main into a hard candy. Shit. Ha! I'm then they'll come move and I'm the truth. Come over. And if this has happened to you, you are not alone. And this is not go fuck, and you are not done every day as many as one people fall victim in place of a beauty project. They deserve compensation. We all do. You should not have to go through life with hair like a Lego man. Because one time you used gorilla glue instead of that's way of Greece, way will get you money for Gorilla glue or the next best thing. Lifetime supply. Gorilla Blue, as the great comedian Ron White once said, was the famous for saying You can't teach stupid. I think so. It's a 41 our conversation with Governor Mike

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