2021 tax filing season fast facts


There are some big changes to be aware of starting with those stimulus checks. First of all, they're not taxable income. However, about 12 million Americans didn't receive the benefits that they were eligible for, remember. These are the checks that went out last year for up to $1200.600 dollars, and about 12 million Americans didn't receive them. So if you made up to $75,000 as an individual or $150,000 as a married couple, you can file for the rebate recovering credit on the taxes for 2020. That will allow you to receive the benefits you were eligible for. If you didn't get that check in the mail, unemployment benefits Those are taxable. So you do have to file those on your income taxes. But another thing to consider is that in this last year there was a significant amount of fraud. We're told on unemployment benefits, which means if you get a 10 99 g form in the mail It doesn't look right to you. It's for benefits that you didn't receive. You want to immediately contact your state government and let them know that you believe someone else has filed benefits in your name. These air, not benefits that you will be taxed for if they were filed fraudulently, But you do have to let your state government no. And then make sure as you're filing your taxes that the state government sends you the form the true and accurate form that belongs to you finally worked from home. Ah, lot of people did this in the last year. The people who are eligible to keep it as a deduction on their tax forms are those who are self employed. If you're an employee Even if you spent money to work from home, But you're an employee of a company. Unfortunately, you can't claim those benefits if you're self employed, and you exclusively uses space as a workspace from home. You could make sure to take those deductions. Rebecca Jarvis ABC NEWS New York E one whose time said 20 checking your

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