Minneapolis police shoot and kill man during traffic stop


Protests breaking out in Minneapolis after police shoot a man dead during a traffic stop last night, police believe the person they pulled over was a felony suspect and claim he fired first. A woman inside the suspect's car was uninjured. Protesters gathered near the scene of the shooting, and with some of them shouting expletives and throwing snowballs at police. Here's the police chief, urging protesters to stay calm. We cannot allow for destructive Criminal behavior. Our city has gone through too much. And so if, in fact those demonstrations or protests should evolve into civil unrest. And I will make the decisions in terms of how we can try to peacefully resolve that Chief mid area are. Redondo said he would release body cam footage of the shooting today. Authorities have not revealed details about the man who was shot or the officers involved. This comes less than a year after police killed George Floyd in

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