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Michael and tasha are gonna come back. We're going to get to. I'm going to call it the consensus between the four of us top two films of the year. Because there's a fair amount of crossover. We didn't maybe all put them in exactly the same slots but it's close enough and we'll also hear the other movies that round out their top five of the year but to get started is a longtime friend of the show formerly of film spotting. Svu with matt singer and critic for buzzfeed alison willmore. This is her choice for the number one film of the year. Hey films leading team. It's alison willmore here from the late almost budding. Svu podcast hoping. I'm slipping voicemail in with enough time under the wire. My favorite movie of the year is buck. Arou- the greatest neo-western anti-colonialist most dangerous game variants. That you'll see this year And also just kind of incredible exhilarating disturbing work that if feel keeps Showing me new things. The more i kind of think on it and revisit it so definitely a feel for twenty twenty For many reasons and one worth checking out if you haven't gotten to it yet it's not right. It's been a tough year guys but hopefully the next one will be better. I mean not so. I don't know about you but i am still wrestling with back row. And i i saw it caught up with it because i had seen so many lists including allison's And it was kind of on my radar all year. Long in one i had to catch up with and sort of squeeze it in here at the end so maybe not entirely fair viewing. I glad i had the experience. I'm just not entirely sure. What sort of experience i had. Which maybe you can. sense from. Allison's voicemail there it's just it's it's wild. It's it's maybe insane. It's i think my first viewing was. I really was intrigued by all of those ideas and genres that were coming you But on a for sitting like they never it. Didn't like really hit me directly in the experience. I almost needed. There are two different groups here. There's this small town of this village really. And then there's this this group of I guess they're americans who come for. We won't give too much. We don't spoil too much but neither of those. I needed more context for both of those sections of the film for registering for me as anything more than like this intellectual experiment. I guess which is kind of how. I did appreciate it. I'm at last. I can say. No i i did as well. I think described it this way for our listeners who support us on patriot and we did some bonus content and i mentioned back arouse being basically battle royale but mixed with the seven samurai and there's probably seven other films you could merge with this movie it does feel truly uniquely its own and that's why it's worth seeing but it's also this weird kind of mashup hybrid of other types of movies. We've seen before. So i am curious to hear what our listeners think about back row came out a long time ago right earlier in the year. Yeah i think so. We just caught up with it. But maybe as it is appearing on more or less like allison's in that number one slot more people are experiencing it and maybe more people can explain to us josh. What we miss definitely worth seeing not gonna make our top ten definitely not gonna come up here in our top five. Why don't you go ahead and get started all right so you heard mentioned there that earlier. My top ten. I had dick johnson dead number six actually right after it. I have another film that deals with dementia. In dick johnson is dead. That is the struggle that Her father kirsten johnson director. Dick johnson is facing and they explore that in a very unique way In that documentary but a very different way than my number five pick explores relic This is a horror film. And in her. Directing debut. Natalie eric james. She basically chooses to confront dementia via metaphorical horror. So the main character is an adult daughter played by emily mortimer who votes her aging mother played by robin navid in rural australia. And this is on a family estate. A family home that's been held for generations and as the movie goes on the walls in this home gradually disintegrate It's a very you know. Obvious symbol for what's happening to her mother But the movie the just the way. The movie handles this. Metaphor is delicate. creepy scary unsettling frightening and it captures all of the emotions that you know you would have in the mundane experience of an ageing parent with dementia it. It makes dementia demonic and liberalizes. That which you know how it can feel. Even if you're not in this sort of heightened scenario and so. I just think that's a strong that such a strong visceral connection to make and natalie erica jeans Just handles it so expertly. Her command of the genre. Here is is astonishing and i think why relic landed on my list and this high is it's ending which i am not going to give away but this is where you know you might be saying especially horror isn't for you. Oh i get it. I get the metaphor. I can imagine what happens. i don't need to see it. You know But this ending manages to involve body horror unconditional love in a way that was completely jarring Of a piece of the horror genre but also incredibly moving and that was kind of like when the movie concluded that way. I was like okay. This is one that's Not only am. I appreciate but probably gonna end up sticking with me to the end of the year

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