Bonus: The Most Beautiful Book Ever Written, Revisited

Israel Story


And now back to high and her quest for love through the pages of the most beautiful book ever written years later. I still try to understand. What exactly made me impose my wealth fantasy on someone i hadn't even met is if love wasn't something that happened naturally between two people but instead required some third external entity to form the bond waited for two days before calling the first guy list would doing my very best sound extra nice extra sane. I asked for a minute of time. And then told him about the book. In how i felt there was some special bond between all those who read it would be sounded. Kind of stunned by the whole thing was a bit too. Quick to point out that he had no recollection of barring the book from the dimona library or for that matter of ever reading it after a few seconds of what was a very awkward silence. He suddenly remembered a few years ago. He told me at taking it out for a friend who needed it for a seminar paper. He was writing. This disappointing answer caught me off guard. I had liked his voice from the moment he had picked up the phone. Do you want his number with the asked. I debated whether this was within the rules of my fantasy. Sure it was. Once removed connection but still felt kosher. I hesitated for a second and said yes with a friend. It was much easier. He was from bail. Shave remembered the book well and was happy to meet up but something in the conversation. Maybe it was his tone or cadence seemed a bit off still i was on a mission and i wasn't going to let any vague feeling stopped me. We met at a bar or not far from the university. My heart was racing when we shook hands. It looked up at him mel dramatically in explained the whole thing in one breath. He seemed completely wilder to grasp the fast of words spilling out of my mouth. When i finally stopped to inhale smiled. It's such a charming story. And you seem so sweet. But i gotta tell you that i don't exactly fit the role you've cut out for me. I live with my boyfriend so it took me a few moments to recover. I let him pay for my beer and went home to strike his name off the list but honestly my inner screenwriter was secretly pleased. Every good tale. Needs a few twists in this. I convinced myself was just mandatory. I plot point. I took a deep breath picked up the phone in doubt potential lover number two not done. I had to leave him several voice messages before he finally called me back after quietly. Listening to me for a while. He began interrogating me. Who was i. What did i been doing in the mono with interested in meeting in for a research project he adamantly refused to meet in chevy or really anywhere outside of dimona so i went to meet him in the car on the way there. I thought to myself that i love the name. Nuton true the immediate association is with sharansky the famous capturing refusenik turned hawkish politician. But still the name is such a crisp in warm sound to it. It's a lover's name a companion someone to grow old with my ride. Drop me off the entrance to town and they walked toward small dusty center. Not recognize me once based on the description i had given him phone. I guess. Not that many curly red heads show up looking lost in central dimona wave with a friendly. Hello he was sitting on a plastic chair outside of kiosk balancing cup of black coffee on his knee. He had brown eyes thick black hair in one dimple on his left cheek. Sweet looking but just about my father's h. They waited for the bus back to share them. He started to wonder about this. Whole escapade was forging ahead out of true conviction that my beloved was on that old library card or had they just fallen in love with my story with the mantis of the search before i could answer that question definitively last name on the card. My final shot oh god and looked up and pleaded kind. I didn't want to believe that. I had been wrong at the library card. Wasn't my secret map to love. Shalom was the third on the list. It took me a few days to get through to him because the last two digits of his phone number on the card were smudged. I patiently tried every possible combination until i reached him. maybe it was my perseverance. Or just luck. Challen got me immediately. Everything seemed to fit. I check this time he was my straight had. A soft voice remembered the book. His dad lived in dimona but he was now studying social work at the hebrew university in jerusalem. I got on the four seventy bus with quite a bit of excitement. I brought the book of me and he got a kick out of that he had these. Big comforting is and didn't think i was crazy at all and liked him then. He told me that he actually didn't enjoyed the book at all and had boarded by mistake thinking. It was a different thing for sedan novel. Is this enough to call the whole thing off to declare the void for literary sumit an utter failure. After all i had set out believing that whoever love this book as much as i would also have to love me that it was enough to strangers to share a love for thirteen in order to bind them together forever so now them in care for the book but he liked the story. I had created around the book. At least that's what. He told me he wants me to the station to catch the bus back to belle chevron but before we parted he touched my cheek so naturally my heart kinda quivered cell. I didn't get on that. I busted came or the second. I stayed in jerusalem that night and dove headfirst into an intense love affair

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