2021 Expectations

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Happy new year to everyone. That's listening to us from tomorrow onwards. Hurry it's not twenty twenty anymore. It's another rubbish year north. At the moment it is the trajectory is upwards with twenty twenty. The trajectory was downwards. And that's that's not very good. I mean unless you started off the with a crippling eye infection but But it's fine. He's gonna stole it off on a on a sinking low and then begin to climb to high heights but that will will get the redoing podcast as well so that just partially mitigates the sinking lows of the so the air. And i'm just not having any more pessimism. Because i can't take it no it it. It's k acquired a puppy now so i'm all of 'em all about the optimism rock and i can do lockdown. Now how you happy new year quite recording this year's eve but you may well be listening to it in the year. Twenty twenty one from the future. Remember policy that we censor. Everyone's big plans for tonight sleeping. I was. I was concerned when david said he's he's had enough of pessimism and he's talking to us. That concerns me. Yeah need to be more optimistic of optimism for the three of us were. He's he certainly does fakes. Big big plans for tonight. David young kids. They're going to start until ten. I'm going to start until ten seventy. We're gonna rock it yet for anybody outside of the uk listening to this. We also i mean even if we were big time years people that would be nowhere frisco and nothing for today because everything's closed not allowed to see anyone. It's the new year scrooges dream actually. This is the first year is that. I have to justify or explain myself for not wanting to go clubbing on easy. Ironically this is the one year actually do want to go clubbing. Time my life. I would give anything to go clubbing. And i've literally never felt that way before you even close to it interesting to see what would happen if you could sort of exchange the to feelings. With respective years that they would align more health it would have helped me out of some witty dia situations in the past new year's relived it sir. It's well actually. Should we cover it. Should we cover off our tiny we morsels of if news before we get going with with. I know you're chomping at the bit david for at grow and we will get there very soon because there's not an awful lot of news. What we've got is that andy. Murray is now no longer. Playing the event of the year in doe ray beach. I think he could tell if marie actions when we reported that he he was down to play we were. We were pretty surprised by that Perhaps perhaps not so surprised that he's no longer down to play. We understand courtesy of elena crooks from pa that the association that is the. It's not it's not a fitness related withdrawal. We didn't know anything anything further. I assume something covert and travel related. But it's not a fitness relates to put out some some quotes to that effect now And and just the given the increase in covid rates in the transatlantic flights involved. I want to minimize the risks ahead of the australian open Which does tally with. What dan evans told me a few days ago and he pulled out earlier this week he was also gonna go to dell at one point but he just said this does The rules about getting into australia and getting into the australian open which he felt that delray beach could potentially compromise and and if he would have picked up the virus that he may have a real problem and he felt that the chances of getting that much higher so on the bounce of it all he would stay in the uk. Practice get ready and then flats by on the fifteenth of january. So and. i think that's what he's gonna do and they are going to do one of these little prentice bubbles between them. Yeah as i understand it. They're all there were three locations. Were tennis australia. Were laying on charter flights to into melbourne One of them is certainly dubai. Believe the us sworn is in la so to play delray beach. It wouldn't just be a matter of getting delray beach implying that you then have a an internal. Us flight ahead of you as well which surely makes it even less. Enticing prospects say That's that we live. News we will say Got news the ashpalt and brady ought to play doubles together in the australian open getting. Does that reignited. You'll brady fire david hers. It's best aside reignited. It's just been smoldering along. Evison thinking of unknown stolen. Very i i. I do hope that there's more of this though for the australian open if we could if we're moving the dates as they have in. It's going back three weeks and everything is thrown up in the way it is one nice little bonus would be some doubles teams just emerged out of singles plas- that you wouldn't normally gas and you could just just half an extra to the tournament so and i think that that's already a big one I can see the express online headline now. David law fire for jennifer brady continues to smolder

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