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Your host here is always with my extraordinary sound engineer co hosts and practice manager Donald. I would like everybody out there listening to know that when he makes that sort of crack, that means I've messed something up. If you couldn't tell already for those of you don't know She's perfect in every way. I'm not a sound into so many people calling it just to like Talk to you? Yeah, because I'm more awesome. That's a little insulting. It's the doctor Donna Show featuring Dr Mystery Sometimes sometimes I turn on the radio, and I'm not even on the show. Well, because you step away all the times like that Fight Club where, like The guy doesn't realize their fight clubs and other cities and I was like, Wait a minute recording without me. That's my damn show. What the Heii? Oh, well, maybe you should show up more often. I'm a board certified urologist in the temporary co host of the show Garment. This show is brought to you by any U urology specialists where urology practice that was found in 2000 and seven first with the moniker State of the art close to home because people they were willing to drive from round rock Now now we don't need to tell him that anymore. North Austin Neurology. That's right. It's we were. That's what the n a U is. Somebody asked me yesterday. What is that? Any U thing you talk about on the show some some reason that some marketing person told me to something with my website think I'd like to say I told you so at this point continues? Yes, yes. We're doing our best and we're all over the place. Now, hold on all over the world. We're world Wide world doctor Worldwide with his co host, Dr Donna, how people get ahold of us even call it a dream like I am not a doctor. I want to get sued. 5122380762 is our phone number during the week. You can ask for Dr Donna

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