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Ford slash eric. Herb live like shear. Subscribe if you like this video and you like this podcast folks. let's get into it. Okay today i wanna talk to you about to something that's become Berry very Very serious issue. And that's with this vaccine. That's out right now. I have a friend of a friend that has cove in nineteen Her whole family. My prayers go out to her her in her whole family of five. They have covid nineteen right. Now they're not doing so good I just wanna say that before. Anybody gets the shot. Meaning the vaccine. I want you people to think very clearly about getting the shot. I'm absolutely positively ninety. Nine percent of the time about antibac- cer- folks and i'm antibac- cer- because i don't believe and putting poison that shit into your into your body it's just crazy in an example is me just show you. I have a sheet here. These are some of the things. And i'm gonna hold this up here so everybody can see this. These are just some of the things that they put into these vaccines. I don't know if you can see that or not. But there's a lot of stuff that they put in typical vaccine and imagine this time ten. And they're even dropping hiv into the rene Vaccine that modera pfizer and everybody is coming out with the push that poison on the american population and the pulp on tire world population. It's not a good thing. Their agenda is to go ahead into depopulate the entire world. That's what they wanna do. So let me read off a couple of things here in a typical vaccine. You might get if you've got a flu vaccine and different things and again. I'm not saying that all of these are going to be in the Copen nineteen vaccine. I'm just saying that there's a hell of a lot of them and these are these are molecules that they put in here after a lot of study that they claim the people. The pharmaceutical manufacturers claim that help bind the molecules together for example aluminum who the hell wants aluminum in their vaccine. Latex rubber mercury ammonium sulfate microorganisms. Human and animal cells can include aborted fetal tissue Pig blood horse blood rabbit brain. Guinea pig Dog kidney heart A heart from a cow A monkey kidney chicken egg duck egg Sheep blood and others who's a fuck wad that shit in their body folks and i'm saying with the cove and nineteen back seen as they say all of this shit is going to be even worse in your body. They're going to put ten times worse. Imagine them dropping so they can say well. The molecules are dead. Eric you don't understand mobile blah. They're dropping h. I. v. virus in the cove nineteen vaccine that fis madonna all. These big pharmaceutical companies are pushing right. Now they're dropping that they claim. Oh that helps you know i. I don't know if you guys know. Let me give you a history. Lesson real quick. Here's the deal aids which essentially came out in the late seventies early eighties. I was growing up. We didn't think a lot about it but aides particularly is the gift that keeps on giving once you get the aids virus you can never get rid of aids okay folks. That's something that they don't tell you so think about it. If you want to depopulate the world why not put something like aids vaccine that keeps on giving of course. I'm being sarcastic right now. But that's what it is. It's no different than putting the herpes. If a lot of people there's a lot of the younger generation doesn't know what herpes herpes. Std or sexually transmitted disease. When you have the herpes virus again dislike aids is to get that keeps on giving you have that in blood and you have that for your whole entire life. So they're dropping this crap in the aren a vaccine that again pfizer madonna and all these companies are coming out with their dropping that they're dropping fetal tissue and they're they're dropping mercury latex all this crap in your body why my question is why. Why why if you feel okay now. Why do you need to take this poison in your body folks. You have to ask yourself that. This is poison one hundred percent lot of doctors over one hundred thousand and there. There's even more this is this is this is on a global scale but there's even more i think there's more like a half a billion but there's doctors all over the world folks. Don't wanna take this vaccine. Why because they realize that the army vaccine is going to bind to your dna. That makes you special your dna. Your gino your dna.

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