The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap


Atlanta atlanta. Okay so we have two new faces. Who grace us in this episode. We have looked toya who is a friend of and we have drew sonora. Who has the fast housewife of the season. Well and we have a third person. If you count drew's husband ralph. who is. He is hot but he is also a little too much unpacked there. So i can't wait till we get to that final scene but yes. He is at first glance a very attractive man and we know how we all feel about getting a new hothouse husband. But there's much to do. There are a Twa comes into our lives very an interesting fashion because kenya usually does not warm up to new people. But she's all about the toyota innocent even her friends. Candy's friend right. Her lower third is candy's friend. That kenya stole link is not very common for kenya. Take to a newbie like this. I'm getting crushed vibes and there was a hint of that in the super team for the season where kenya says something about. I've got a crush on her or something along those lines. So we're definitely seeing the beginning of this girl crush that may ultimately become something else. I don't know but it is not characteristic of kenya to be taking to somebody like this right. I kind of hope that marriage has put kenya off so much that she's just like you know what women women now i mean. It wouldn't surprise me also does drew starting the show in a boot make you think of brandy from beverly hills. That is such a great point. I didn't make the connection before. But yes so really. She has the makings of becoming a great housewife late. There's something about the lucky boot and let us not forget. Porsche was in a boot at bravo con. So there's a lot of good luck there. Yes yes yes yes. We found out a lot about drew's marriage. Can we just get to that part. Yeah definitely there's yeah for sure okay. Because drew and her husband. Ralph are living with drew's mom. Yeah we'll technically. She's living with them. Well the mcdan- right. Yes that sounds like a recipe for divorce. That's i don't know how else to say especially in quarantine like it's it's just not setting yourself up for success. Definitely not i mean pastor. Jeanette seems like quite a character. And i also love when we get a new housewife. We get potentially a hot house husband and we got a mom who's going to be a big character and we got that in her. But i feel like quarantine or not. I'd be like after a certain amount of time. Mom you gotta go back home because we got got a situation going on here with my family that needs to be worked on and clearly. There's a lot of work to be done Andrew and ralph's relationship.

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