George Clooney, 'The Midnight Sky'


A movie out right now that you've got to see called the midnight sky which my guest today george clooney directed co produced and stars in. I don't know what the actors thought of him. We'll find out some other time. Just this is the seven time you've done this so by now you're probably just impossible. I'm hard. I'm hard to live with in general here that we can al everywhere. Not as it's bad everywhere the but you know you've done a movie that would you call it science fiction or you call it something else. It really is about people who are long with the darren. Space is not many people up there five of them and you're down there in the arctic with this little girl and there's not much but it's still a movie about connection in a time where we can't make any. It's like really hard to get outside of our bubbles. So what inspired you to do this well. Initially i liked the idea of talking about you know the story about what man is capable of doing to mankind. You know and that's destroy your f- you know you and i grew up in the same basic era. Where was a week figured at some point. There be an exchange between the soviet union in the united states. And we'd all be gone duck and cover drills and that was it so we bomb was falling. Yeah it wasn't if but when we lived with movies like fail safe for Or you know on the beach when we reference in this film with the idea that you know it's not impossible and all those elements are still possible. There's other ways we could do it. Blow a hole in the atmosphere. You know base some of the shots of outside earth on Up the satellite shots of the burning of california. You know so. There's a lot of ways we could sort of blow this and so i thought that was a really interesting story to be talking about. We wrapped in february shooting and then we started to go to work in the other world. Which is you know the the post production world and we were shut down and everybody had to go home and suddenly it became really clear that That that that this world that we were in suddenly was about our inability to be near the people we loved and talk to people close to the people we loved and unfortunately he became less and less of a fiction. You know along the way you know a lot of people when they see this movie right away. They're gonna look at that beer now. You know. I've heard that you grew that thing. Did you know it self. I couldn't stop it at some point in going. Yeah has its own instagram account. Now i started it in the summer. And just let it go. You know the guys who live in the arctic you know most of them have a beer. Just protect your face so that made sense. And then i lose weight because he's dying which wasn't fun if he's like thirty five you know as an actor. I'll be sixty years not so easy you know. That's not as easy to use to be to do all that stuff. But but that's when you eat could have kept that beard for christmas so you could have been santa for the kids with the kids. Would the funny thing is my daughter. Hated it of but my son loved it. And i would go to work and i'd find a piece of half a popsicle sticks stuck in my beard that he like stuffed in it and stuff so i was. I was happy to get rid of it. Quite honestly it was it was. It was a pain but when you do a movie like this when you say. I'm going to make a movie that is about. They like to use the words like dystopia and yet it's not a hopeless movement. It's not a movie that says we're so screwed. We can't really come back from any of this. I was like the idea of redemption. You know this is a really. This is a story about a regret and deep regret and how badly and how toxic that can be and how deeply you one needs redemption and if you get redemption the matter sort of what other things are going on in the world. That's a. It's a big important part of this and there is hope in this. There is the idea that you know. We may not all get out of it. You know alive but will get out of it as humankind intact in some way. You know that that the fight this this this struggle that we're doing a on earth is worth it you know and i think that that's always important to have in the in the back of your mind you know as opposed to On the beach where it's just like well we blew it and that's it and it was tale

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