Let's Make a Baby



To day. I am doing a solo episode. Of ageless. Because i'm talking about a very personal journey that i went on in order to get pregnant with my beautiful daughter gee-gee and sort of prompted by some information that we got that Record numbers of women during twenty twenty froze their eggs. So i just think that's incredible. And i was thinking about it and thought it might be helpful for me to tell my story so here we go. I have always worked very very hard like blonde days. Many many hours and taking a day off and loving my work love love love and so when that is happening. I think you know time. Flies and years are going by and things like having a kid just kind of gets put on the backburner until one day you wake up and realize holy shit. I'm thirty nine. I love kids. I really wanna have a family. I wanna have kids. But basically if i'm not pregnant by saturday i don't know what's going to happen so i just decided it's now or never and i had just gotten married and i thought you know no time like the present so we tried and i have to say pretty quickly i don pregnant and i was elated and things seemed great and you know everything was normal and the pregnant. I felt great and then at three months. I had a terrible miscarriage and anyone. Who's gone through. That knows that it is devastating. And i kinda thought okay. Well i miss my chance and the only thing that sort of gets you through something like that. Is that the doctors tell you you know it wasn't meant to be there. There was a problem with the baby. And you know that definitely makes you feel better about it but what they also tell you. Is that after some recovery. Time is actually the best time to get an easiest time to get pregnant and they were right so i was giving myself a little space and doing back to normal things you know working hard and and having a lot of fun with my friends and and doing some crazy things and i actually remember okay. This is going to sound crazy. But i remember parasailing in the hudson river off a boat which is to be able to do before nine eleven and having like the craziest wildest time and then the next day waking up thinking i haven't gotten my period and for awhile actually and and i knew that i may or may not anyway. I took a pregnancy test and miracles happened. And i was pregnant again and

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