Shakespeare reincarnation, Obscure FM, Men in running tights, random burnt logs, Sausage cures all ills. - burst 02


Hello there is chappie the british butler and Welcome along geeky coming episode number fifty nine and he's thinking well wolf this chap y playing the The deutsche the german national in the in the background here. Well i fancy for some sausage today for some sausages. So i'm thinking that i'm going to do the whole and i cannot get the traditional english sausages like lincolnshire. Sausage or the cumberland in america. So i had to get. I so i'm getting breakfast sausage wise today and i'm just wondering if if sausage can kill all else like a string of piping hot fat bursting out of them brat. Verse rat round the neck. Could that cure a cold. I mean could this be could be. Could this be something. We need to

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