Best of the Archives: Psychobros (2019)

Still Processing


Hey wesley yes jenna. Guess what treasure. I found in my inbox not too long ago. Oh i don't know you might just have to tell me what it is okay. A listener named salama set a really nice message. Can i read it to you. Oh yes as long as it's good i'll take. It's a really good dear jenna. I love this catholic. The formality up. I love it. Please excuse my having slid into your m to ask you about this. You are excused. Thank you for the polite this if this is not okay. Please let me know again wesley. We love consent in this household concerned. I was late to find your wealthiest podcasts. It is such a bomb. The confusion with which i would previously traverse the world deep over both. Go back to your previous podcasts. In new light. I've just finished listening to psycho grows and it is so timely that it's after harry styles vo cover blew. Open that conversation with my friends. I'd be so interested to hear thoughts on how his expression masculinity feeds into your previous conversation. Thanks in advance and again for articulating the things that discomfit so many people thank you. Thank you very much. Salami thing i'll say is i'm for the vote cover i'm for all hairstyles for he can serve. He can serve it. And i love the image of harry in that field shot by tyler mitchell playing with balloons just to me it feels like releasing the farcical ideas of the gender binary and the roles that we get really boxed into as life goes on it feels like reverting to something more playful and i just needed that when that cover came out it felt so like a breath of fresh air. You just don't expect this video for a walk through fire or whatever. That song is called where he's like

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