A highlight from Mars - The UAE Mission

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I love this podcast. Support this show through the acoss support a feature. It's up to you. how much give. And there's no regular commitment just hit the link in the show description to support now. Fifteen seconds guided journal can buy admission sequence Spins nuts three to five as feels good a once again. Thank you for joining us on the space. Nats podcast andrew. Dunkley here and with me is always my good friend tournament. Lodge fred watson hullo fred my mouth to talk and a cough khou. Sorry about that. Do apologize he does happen. Yes i'm still alive. I was actually just practicing my impersonation of the big bang in case we need it till which is very famous enough good. That's good to know glad you're with us coming up. This is a really exciting program. Lots to talk about the ya. Moon mission will just have a quick chat about that matter that appear to be missing in the universe. Has it been stolen. Is it under a mattress somewhere. We are not sure we're going to go and look for it though and a warm neptune like exo planet has been discovered. And we've got a couple of fascinating questions one and this. We've probably touched on this before. In fact i know we have. But it's it's a question of short crosses many people's minds with the universe expanding like a balloon at in all directions at the same spirit at the same time. How is it then. That galaxies collide. If everything's moving away good question and question about the star system zita rikhye lii which is a star system that has been the focus of attention in terms of alien conspiracy so we going to address that one as well and should be a lot of fun and very very interesting to for it but i. Where's the up to with their moon. Mission have gone into orbit. Well they're actually aiming for mars and not the moon the moon not the moon. So don't get your telescopes at the moon. It's got this moon thing stuck in my head today. I'm going to change the word now is crossing it out at j. Approaching all officially changed its officially changed with the bullpen. Remains have have. They achieved martian orbit. Apparently they have. Yes we in the small hours of this morning sydney time a slowed had a twenty seven minute burn on the on the main engine of the of the spacecraft to slow it down so it didn't just keep on going back to the earth. Choose what would have happened. Otherwise come back to where the earth would have been with that. So it's slow down. We understand it certainly gone into muzzle. But it's the hope mission. This of course is the first three missions that we're bound to talk about in the next few episodes. The chinese ten when one mission arrives tomorrow next week the perseverance nasa perseverance spacecraft goes through. It's seven minutes of terror as it lands on the surface. The other two actually both going to orbit ten. When one will launch will indeed launcher a lander the main spacecraft will be in orbit but the good news from united arab emirates and their space agency and all credit to them they successfully achieved what's called mars insertion until the now. Oh i love it when they do that. I what they talk dirty.

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