Jen Psaki, White House And Mr Biden discussed on Larry Elder


Goal of reopening schools and 100 days is far less ambitious than it sounds more from White House correspondent Great clubs Did the president set a goal for a majority of the nation's schools to be reopened within 100 days of his taking office. But the White House now acknowledges the 100 Day goal is for schools to be open only one day a week, Press secretary Jen Psaki was asked why that information is only now being disclosed. When you asked what that meant, I answered the question. Republicans have taken notice, calling it a reversal. Of Mr Biden's promise. Greg Clugston Washington President Biden is highlighting plans for a Pentagon review of national security strategy on China as he underscores his desire to re calibrate the U. S approach with Beijing. Why it is called for a new test. Forced review strategy comes as the U. S faces increasing challenges posed by China's modernized and more assertive military. The president announced the review Wednesday during his first visit to the Pentagon as commander in chief. Defense Department officials describe the review as a sprint effort that would weigh US intelligence troop levels in the region Defenses with China and more on Wall Street that out by 61 points, But the NASDAQ dropped 35 more on these stories at town hall dot

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