Soulja Boy Sued By Ex-GF/Personal Assistant For Abuse & Sexual Assault


Some pretty serious stuff. Soldier boy hired her to be a sports his personal assistant. She claims that he sexually assaulted her for nearly two years. He denies laying a hand on her She's listed in lawsuit is Jane dealt to keep her anonymity. He says That abuse began in December of 2018, with Soldier boy sending her unsolicited photos of his junk. Then, according to the lawsuit, they developed a romantic relationship and she moved in with him. So that works, apparently, according to the documents, soldier this is in the lawsuit started acting violently towards her in January, 2019, including argument they had while driving, where he pushed her out of a vehicle and forced her to walk five miles. The accuser also says that soldiers sexually assaulted over the first time in February 2019 and expressed remorse afterwards by giving her $1000 hush money. This is all very specific in May 2019 the woman claims that s O just spit on her when she told him she wanted to quit and alleges he became insanely jealous when she got social media comments or phone calls. He threatened it. And this is a quote from the lawsuit. He would punch kick and body Slam her and once threatened. I should have killed you. She also claims she was sometimes sexually assaulted twice a day. One occurred after a violent attack where she thought she would die. She moved out. According to the suit. She went back to get her belongings. The next month, he assaulted her again. Yeah, so she's suing for sexual battery assault, false imprisonment, infliction of emotional distress and on top of everything else. She claims she wasn't even Properly paid for her work. So she wants damages for that to a rep for Soldier Boy says soldier would never put his hands on a female. He wouldn't be the woman or put his hands on a woman. This is nonsense. There You have it the he said versus she's a She seems to have some very specific details, Timeline and everything. Which means soldier boy better have a pretty good attorney. If he wants to dodge all of that mess, or I'm looking. I'm looking to see if he's

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