Uh, with Tom Brady and, of course,


To, and 14 and rank 27th in the NFL in scoring and 31st in yards. He has never be has been spent 13 years in the NFL with teams have won one playoff game had to winning seasons compiled a composite 82 1 26 record. Well, that's not all on him. But in nine of his 13 years, his team ranked 22nd worst in offense. Ray. I'm not seeing the resume. No, no Andare offenses 27th in the league this year? Yeah, on and off like a scan gorilla hiring? Well, that's what I'm thinking. I mean, last year, they went to the Denver offensive coaching staff and Looked rich scandal yellow and we all saw how that worked out. Why you would want to go back there and hire another offensive coach? I don't know. I mean, if you were going to take if you're gonna take a running backs coach and make him offensive coordinator why didn't just give it to do Staley? You had one? Yeah. You had one? Yeah, right now. He's right now he's down. He's down the hall cleaning out his office. You know, we'll keep you posted as things develop. But big Daddy Graham is with us and big Daddy. You wanted to. Ah, Wanted to honor age this week. Is that correct? Yes, uh, with Tom Brady and, of course, Drew Brees. Last week and Joe Biden, I thought, you know, let's take a look at Great years. That our filling up your pro athlete tag. And

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