On Wednesday night. Joe Biden's new press secretary, Jen Psaki held her first briefing at the White House


On Wednesday night. Joe Biden's new press secretary, Jen Psaki held her first briefing at the White House promising toe hold those briefings every day. There will be moments when we disagree, and there will certainly be days where we disagree for extensive parts of the briefing, even perhaps, but we have a common goal, which is sharing accurate information with the American people in the front row with the briefing Our own. ABC is Karen Travers. We talked to her this week about what it all meant. Over the years in the Trump administration. We had seen a real change because of the very beginning. Sean Spicer got up and also talked to reporters that then over the years they kind of stopped appearing with reporters and their relationship with the White House. How do you hold that and kind of go forward? Go, Okay. I'm now covering the White House, a new White house and it's gonna be really different. You know, I think just the nature of the content and the substance of what will be covering will be very different than the Trump Administration. You know, just starting off with what you were noting Sean Spicer came to the podium for the first time in the hours after the inauguration, and right away, put out a lie, he said This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration. But that really set the tone for where things would go over the next four years. The Trump administration did not hold daily briefings. In fact, his third press Secretary Stephanie Grisham, which people might not even know her name because she never even held a briefing. So just the fact that Jen Psaki is the new press secretary held a briefing on day one. They were making it very clear that they're doing things differently. They wanted to show transparency on day one. She ended her briefing by saying, Let's do this again tomorrow. And even that was something we not had not heard during the trump years. Does that mean that everything is going to be sunshine and roses in the briefing room? Of course not. She worked away around the room. She took questions from many reporters. I got a couple questions in. But she also was very skilled at dodging questions on things they don't want to be talking about, including the looming Senate impeachment trial of President Trump. Jen. Psaki knows what she's doing at a podium. She did this at the State Department. She was a communications official for the Obama administration at the White House. We're gonna have to ask very sure. Are questions and it's gonna be about policy because they're certainly unleashing a flurry of executive actions and policy goals in these first weeks of the administration. What that Donald Trump did is he got up there, and he answered a lot of questions from a lot of reporters, including you. He would go out there and we didn't see that with with President Obama at Donald Trump would walk out there and he would just answer any questions. Anybody ask most of the time. You would go into the Oval Office and the Trump Administration. You had to be ready with 789 questions because you might get half of those to the president. There was one time where he the president of South Korea in the Oval Office, and I think he engaged with us for about 40 minutes. I remember I got four questions to President Trump during one photo op that is not going to happen in President Biden's administration is just not his style. I think it's going to be very different. They're going to be much more controlled, much more structured in how President Biden answers and gets his message out the other thing Sherry that we haven't talked about his Twitter president. Trump, of course, was silence in the final days of his term. Joe Biden can tweet but he is not going to tweet in a way like we saw with his predecessor, where we knew what President Trump was thinking in real time.

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