A highlight from 447: Detroit Lions Coach Has Violent Metaphors; Tiger Woods Documentary; COVID Ends NHL Dreams


Nhl dreams. We'll talk a little. Nfl pat mahomes. Looks like he's gonna play and the detroit. lions head. Coach apparently is a maniac those stories and lots more coming up james. How're things today money. I'll tell you what. Steve is gonna happen between you. And i okay. I'm going to tell you what's going to happen. Okay you pissed me off okay. I'm going to knock you down when you get up. I'm gonna. I'm gonna bite your bag. Okay okay if that doesn't work okay gonna knock you down again. Okay i invite again. I rip your kneecaps off stevie. Okay yeah that's not the endel steve. That's not the end. If you do that. I'm gonna cut your hamstrings out and eat it for lunch. Yeah okay ham hamstrings and cheese sandwiches. I'm going to have pal okay. People are wondering right now while you're off the city of violent start of the show here and it's because the two of us were just reveling in the opening news conference for the new detroit. Lions head coach. Dan campbell former. Nfl player signed a six-year deal. Which is kind of interesting unto itself to be the head coach of the lions but his opening news conference was the stuff of legend sounding. Very much like your standard. Wwe wrestler as he gets ready for his next match. So this is dan campbell and what he had to say about what the lions will be in his tenure. All right so this is going to be built on. We're gonna kick you in the teeth all right and when you punch back. We're going to smile at you and when you knock down we're going to get up and on the way up we're gonna bite any cap off all right. We're going to stand up and then it's going to take two more shots to knock down all right. And on the way up we're gonna take your other kneecap and we're going to get up and it's gonna take three shots to get us down and when we do we're gonna take another. Honk out of you before before long. Where they're going to be the last one standing all right. That's gonna be the mentality i mean. So there's dan campbell the new detroit lions head coach. What the hell was that. I can't get enough of that. Is he a pro wrestler easiest serial killer. know what's the game plan. Coaches opening is opening presser. Yeah here's what we're gonna do kinda fun. It was kind of funny when i roll tape there to listen to that that did i. That's funny okay. We're gonna we're gonna. We're gonna chew on your kneecaps. Okay and then. I thought it would be well. You know we got. We got to beef up our defense. Of course we were lacking there. No it just kept going. We and my first question with my follow up question at that thing would have been something along the lines as talking about biting off a kneecap and stuff. But i follow up question. James would be then you realize you're not actually detroit. Lions right realize. That's just a nickname. You're not actually coaching the gigantic feline creature. That roams the jungle king of the jungle because it certainly seems like he thinks that what could not that steve but so the guy gets a six year deal okay so we interviewed for the job right. Like that's the that's the normal path these things take. We've put the word out there. We're looking for interviewing guys. So he probably does this great interview right. I've always wanted to be a fly on the wall for head coaching interviews. Right just to see what they're possibly going to say to convince a team to hire them. Excuse me so you're assuming the guy comes in and says i go back to hitchcock got hired here. The oilers three coaches ago. Or whatever have been through so many coaches but and and he came out and said you know this is exactly what this team is is needs. This is exactly what they're doing wrong and these two guys aren't so it was really good. It was really good. Okay there we go not just some lame duck thing so so this guy probably does a beautiful interview and then they're going to. Let's all go down to his first press conference you know. He was so impressive in the interview. We signed him to a six year deal and the to the general manager and the president of the club looking at each other going. Well this never came out when he was talking this the guy never guy forgot to put it in there. Oh by the way. i'm. I'm an insane maniac and it just like i. It was a bad look. I thought it came across as amateurish. You it's it's one thing when you're a coach and you're in the room right before the game and you know that the guys have all been school. They've got their xs and os right. Well prepared football wise for the game and that at that stage then maybe start speaking in mottos and metaphors like he was there but that will be the only time that that would seem to me to be appropriate here. You're dealing with people. And you know on his an zoom call situation media that they're not looking to get motivated by you per se. I know that he's talking to the fans and maybe he thought that was the way to go that the fans would appreciate something like that. But i just look at that.

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