A highlight from S2E92: The Shawn Harvey Morning Show 01/22/21


Jay. I will let you know what's going on locally and nationally so you guys definitely want to stick around for that and i'm also gonna give you the weather today if you have not stepped outside of your house yet or if you have but want to know what the rest of the day is going to be like. I'm about to let you know in bethlehem pennsylvania where we broadcast from is currently thirty seven degrees. Not too much of a big jump. We're going up to a high of thirty nine degrees and it's going to be sunny all day in new york city is currently thirty seven degrees. It's going up to a high of forty five and it'll be mostly cloudy or partly sunny depending on how you want to look at it in rochester. New york is thirty four degrees. It is going up to a high of thirty four degrees. It looks like so. That's as hot as it's going to get today because there is snow in the forecast for all day Actually there is a announcement from the national weather service There's a special weather statement until. Oh it's only until today until nine o'clock so there's probably been some snow overnight. It says Buffalo new york monroe county up there in new york. It says heavy. Snow showers will impact the morning commute south of lake ontario. A line of snow showers will drop this morning producing a burst of snowfall which will reduce visibility to a quarter mile at times So even though they're saying this is only gonna produce about one or two inches of snow it will result in slick travel conditions for this morning commute and it's actually in effect a winter weather advisory until one. Pm this afternoon and small craft advisory from friday until sunday at six pm. So you guys just look out for that in upstate. new york and atlanta and is currently forty five degrees. Going up to a high of fifty five degrees. and it's going to be drizzling for probably about the next hour or two and then it's gonna taper off and it's going to be a high of fifty five so it's a little wet this morning in orlando florida. It is currently fifty nine degrees. Going up to a high of seventy nine degrees and it is going to be sunny all day. So shout out to orlando in. Los angeles is currently fifty two degrees going up to a high of sixty one and it'll be cloudy all day. So that is the weather that i have let us know what the weather is like where you are. This is the sean harvey morning show. Featuring semi j along with their co host barbie cologne wage money started a well. Says nj where you get your starter right only place on earth where you get right. We have the morning buzz this morning. Everybody on the field. Good friday and i guarantee you before nine. Am this morning. your head will be buzzing for sure. That's why you guys hang out with us and we appreciate you and we also have harvey's house sports we will get to some harvey's houses sports so Don't go nowhere. We definitely do yesterday. We didn't get to but we will do us. What else you have. Yes and then the nine o'clock hour we're going to have semi says rowlett. You know what's going on in hollywood and entertainment news. You don't wanna miss that any one more thing before we go into the break it anything we have a a giveaway and the things that we're doing here on this show. Would you like to talk about real quick before we take a quick break and then we'll talk about a few more times

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