San Francisco Giants expected to sign infielder Tommy La Stella


Reaching an agreement or in conversations trying to sign. Ah, pretty good player, and it'll be the longest deal that far out. Assigned anyone to in his tenure is Giants president of baseball Ops and it's Ah, Tommy lost Ella, the former Oakland A. The former and I'm Angel. What do you know about this? One of the details of this and what do you think of the movie Carrie not just the longest deal. But according to Susan Slusser, the sample Scott Chronicle who just put this out on Thursday morning could be the biggest deal the giant have given out under far anxiety is she Saying it's in the neighborhood of 19 million. I had heard really close to what jerks and pro far got from the San Diego Padres, which was three years 21 million. And so right around that three years 20 million years, beginning gaining 6.5 7 million average annual value, which to me eyes a little bit surprising because the Giants don't like to make long term commitments. This is going to be the first player that they've really said You were going to be a part of the future when we think that we can win again. And I think that Tommy lost Ella It's not just a win in 20 to 2022 or 2023 move. It's also a hey, Let's see what we can do in 2021. Let's see if you know the Padres of the Dodgers get severe injuries or something chaotic happens where there's issues with them where the Giants are all of a sudden challenging for the second wild card spot because the NL East is going to be tough. There's gonna be teams that emerge from there, but you look at this light up and Tommy was selling. Let's assume he hits leadoff for the Giants against right handed pitchers. You remember lineup that has Mikey's Trump Ski Brandon Belt, Alex Dick. Person Tommy La Stella and Brandon Crawford probably getting down in the seventh race lot. That's gonna be really good. That's gonna be a really, really tough light up on these pictures in the National League. And so the patients the plate discipline the amount of balls that are in play with these guys. It's just a group that kind of syncs up really well, so he was always going to be the most obvious edition. And I think that it's no surprise to anyone who follows the Giants, whose followed far anxieties tenure that he was the guy they ultimately settled on for their left handed back. Yeah, I think the question

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