Abbianca Makoni, independent producer, on documenting UK women gangs


You've got the documentary gun. Goals coming out on the first of february corrects. Why don't you stop by just telling us a little bit more about that documentary. And as of what's to come there so this solution-focused documentary samson i essentially spark to those on the front line of this issue so from the grocery charities. Those who training police teaches on also the victim survivors as well. Who go to them are now trying to give back to youth and trying to draw. Young girls On boys out of crime and criminal activity so it just looking at okay. This is the issue this is about is but what is being done and what can be done essentially on dogs we hit Solutions and ideas means by about how we can do. Better essentially lows of questions come to mind of course but it's a constant an easy time to explore this with with what's happening in the world. How did how did covert kind of affect the documentary coming together. It definitely did affect it. Of course with the restrictions are times where we Some point will. I can be able to go and film this We have to via zoom. How we're gonna get you to be able to do the interview by. Luckily we actually started filming a documentary at the start of last year so we started around february and then some of the film was around march so other covid with here in the uk. It wasn't as bad as as it is now and the restrictions one as well as i guess so over the fact that you're a multimedia journalists with the evening standard. The documentary has nothing to do with the evening standard. You chosen to independently while working with sampson followed zone of course as executive producer and editor. Why did you choose to pursue this story in such small numbers. I've always loved broadcast. I guess telling stories visually and particularly on this issue in this area. This is something i. i'm very passionate about reports. Crime in knife crime in the post. But i guess i really wanted to work with someone who i was very familiar with. I've known some simple years now. And i know that this is something he also wanted to explore and again a subject matter a. He's the media with as well. Gt know where he grew up in how he grew up. And i think that's how they came to light before you know what we are too young creatives who have a passion for this issue on something that you know although affects everyone it also affects our community will. Let's do it. let's get up. Let's see what we can do together and bring the topic back into the limelight. Could you have explored this with the evening standard. Like with your day job if you wanted to. I definitely think so. I mean the evening star. They have an amazing video team. That i'm sure would have been able to do an amazing job With this project. But i think again with everything happening nineteen and then with politics brexit the us. They just so much attention going in different areas. Where i think. That's another thing. Which i guess i thought about and i thought you know what the news extremely busy right now. I'll with so many different things. This is something that i can. I guess also do on my own. I think i've mentioned. I am a self usa so with some of the videos i did self she on my own which meant that. It did allow me to do not depend on too many people so that the project could actually happen and we didn't have the delays columbine easy doing this in what must be limited spare time you you mentioned. Start to get the star of last year. Journalists are obviously well known for boehner. The candle at both ends taught me about is a honestly. I was always tired. Because of course idea what i was using my weekends saw straight off to my shift then like sailed all night. It's absolutely crazy but again when you are passionate about something when attacking very sensitive sore you're gonna give it your all and i think janice ala's walled anyway so staying up too late. It wasn't anything new to me. But again because i knew that a lot of these victims of i was saying like look. You know we've been trying to get this more in alignment they so many things you want to talk about the also about how cova has exacerbated a few of the issue so the fact that you're doing this really grateful and just hearing those things as well it does make you wanna keep pushing And using your free time to ensure that the project does get done so but it was definitely odd. It was a Walking basically seven days a week basically. But yeah i can see your passion warrants this story so close to home. While few years. I did leave the frightened to knife crime and i guess you know the issue of knife crime itself. It's something that is definitely a meeting the a whole just london but i think some people until it gets close to home. That's when you really realize how bad it is. I guess Lost my friends. I thought he just meant wearing a few young people in getting involved. more youth committees workshops. Basically trying to help Those that might be out of education all at high risk of gang life. And i guess when your communicates me about some of these children. You're hearing that going through in your hearing what they see on a day to day basis and it is one young man who was fifteen at the time who told me that he seen people get stopped in the face. And you're thinking so young and you've just experienced the west thing. So i think that is what has i guess. Giving me this passion and this is to ensure that we all highlighting some of the issues around crime as a whole and how. It's affecting young people in particular more condolences. Ibm i'm sorry to hear about fine. Listen this is a topic clearly. With a lot of sensitivities and considerations going in in a broader sense we've seen this trend of journalists going independent albeit on their own publications. And that's not specifically what you're doing here. But when i've spoken to them they've said that you know i wouldn't want to do something to in depth investigative because i don't have the the gut check that comes with perhaps a full editorial tame. Did you think about that going in that having such small numbers when you are going to be exploring something so sensitive and and ethically challenging of course i think a lot of my friends at his friends are very supportive throughout this whole I guess process while i was continuously checking in on them. And if i ever had any question it was like okay. You know what. I'm doing this documentary and know how to go about this and how to go about that and i think With some of the country the documentary. I'd watch them previously anyway. Whether it was like a youth event so there was a lot of trust that had been built. Because again added john honest. I try to be well connected with a guest different communities us that when you saw stopped topics they know they can trust you if they ever have a question or a query. They're very quick to tell you. Well how are you going to do this in high do that. Don't shy away from also challenging you and ask you how you're going to go outside and

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