Bamboozled By Teller, Chicago Bank Robber Offers ID Before Arrest


I think Robert gave teller his actual idee during ill fated heists. This is great. They're just not making bank robbers like they used really. Whitey Bulger is rolling over in his grave thinking about the other incompetence of the modern day. Bank robber, a Chicago bank robbery suspect gave a teller his state issued ID along with a withdrawn floor way his state issued ideas that anything like a D e B T card. No, I don't. I don't think I think it was his regular driver's license. Why would it say a driver's license? Right? Why is it saying a state issued I D If it's a driver's license? That's also a state issued idea. Is it not? I know it is, but it's It's very imprecise. Mm. And that's a good question. How you can look at just how the police log had documented. This is why you developed sources in the police department. Right, Taylor? Yes. So you could you so you can find out what was really used. Is that a dig at me that I didn't find the source of whether or not it wasn't a BT or an I D? No, I'm just saying Taylor Taylor used to go down to the New Bedford Police Department, just like I used to go down to the Winston Salem Police department and sometimes the Boston Police Department, Ednor Flores 34 entered a PNC Bank and the city's humbled park section. And waited in line before handing a teller A deposit ticket with the words armed and no dye packs. But how we die. What spells? Yeah. Uh, well, you know that. Here's the problem. The Chicago schools have been out for a long time and the teachers, the teachers are still refusing to go back, and this is the kind of the kind of tragedies they're going to occur. Leading the quick, quick witted bank employees to press a silent alarm. The savvy teller then asked Flores, who was wearing a hood in a surgical mask of the time. If he wanted to make a deposit or withdraw the employees then gave floor is a blue withdrawal slip on which he scrawled $10,000 and filled up his account number as 123456789. Before handing it back. Florida's proceeded to give his authentic I D to the teller when asked for he over his temporary state I d card issued by the Illinois secretary of state just days earlier. That's his name. Ednor Flores. Mm hmm. I'm gonna get. It was not a legitimate driver's license under any circumstance. I'm starting to think it might not have been either man covered in. It certainly wasn't a voter ID card says Rambo for 13 we I think we can assume that safely. Yes.

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