Can I profit from injury recovery videos on TikTok?


Hi chris this is derek. And i'm a fitness. Coach has been trying different ideas during the pandemic since my client work is much more limited my latest project to make short instructional videos on injury recovery oppose them on tiktok and instagram and try to bring views to my site. I also like to ask for donations through pay pal the way some influences do wanna muddle the message any tips. Thanks for your help. Hey what's up. Thank you so much really. Admire the vision here. It's also been interesting admirable just to see how many people who are in the fitness role. How they have adjusted in in the pandemic age. I saw all kinds of people trying different stuff last year. And some things work out and some things. Don't just like a lot of stuff in life but as it goes for this idea actually made some detailed notes for myself here because i thought it was interesting. I also think you know just to be transparent as always like. It's no small challenge to do this. Well so i wrote in the description for this episode you know can a fitness coach us tiktok to create instructional videos. Will of course like almost certainly can he make money from such a thing. Maybe that's the key point. I would say if if if you are going to make money with it like. Here's what needs to happen like for this to actually take off whether it is talk. Instagram or something else number one. You know amazing content which is easier said than done of course the quality bar is really high these days which creates a better user experience. It encourages all of us to work harder. But i think especially with tiktok videos because such a younger generations so many millions of users around the world people are growing up doing this natively. You have to have something. That's really really good. Second you need amazing morality or you need something that really spreads right because lots of good content doesn't spread. You need something that is popular right. You need something that is popular that comment worthy that people want to to tell their friends about and of course lots of folks on tiktok to you that really well but it's not something you can just snap your fingers in half so amazing content amazing morality or at least let's say really good variety and then number three and actual monetization plan that connects the free videos. The ones that spread violate with a relevant way to get paid. Any one of these. Three things is hard to do well. But you'll need to do all three okay. And that said it's not impossible like obviously some people are doing this and i find it inspiring myself but even more valuable than whatever they're paid whether it's through those paypal donations or something else is those huge numbers of followers. Some of these people are able to reach it really is just tremendous. It's a whole new world. i would say also a final comment. They're like try to do anything you can to get those followers to connect with you on multiple platforms right so to use the eggs baskets analogy. You wouldn't want all your eggs in the tiktok basket or the instagram basquiat or any other technology platform. And then just briefly on that last point about the actual monetization plan that connects the free videos. That spread byerly. All i mean there is like there has to be some logical extension whether it is like. Hey all this content is free. Click here to donate. That's probably the most basic and easy and obvious when there could be something else as well but you can't approach new technology and new communication networks with old strategies and always expect the same results and the people are successful are often the ones who are able to adapt. So i wish you well derek anybody else out there. Well he's trying this. Let me know how it goes. I would love to get some more lessons to share with the rest of our community.

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