Jane Krakowski is NOT dating the MyPillow guy

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Jane kiosque is dating. Famed architect david rockwell. Not the my pillow guy. She basically was like. I'm dating someone now. I have to tell everyone who is. Because i've to fight this information and a half to say we've got a few calls we did. If there's a few sources that we have now that told us that i'm pretty sure that's it was fake news and now i'm kind of like confused as to why the daily mail published it like what was their kind of weird. Wha how does it benefit them. Because now he's suing them for like seventy five thousand dollars or something. That's like defamation. But as another person called in and explain what you've explained to me in the past where it's like you can't say that it hurt you unless it was actually harmful gossip to you. He's claiming that it was harmful and has specific details that are harmful to him. But you can't just be like. I'm suing because he said i'm in a relationship. It has to be harmful to your reputation in a way right. I mean again not a lawyer but it just seems like it's going to be if not hard entertaining to see how someone claims that being rumored to be in a relationship with a pretty universally beloved celebrity people by and large light car. How is this defamatory for a rumor. Maybe daily mail was just like we know that this is the case. We're going to take the chance and just go for it even though this probably might be falsely might get sued in this guy's very rich and he has enough money to sue us if anything. It's damaging for her reputation to dating him and she's seems to have laughed at off based on her statement but is she laughing it off when they're leaking actual boyfriend to the fix clearly serious. I mean there's clearly there's like strategy here like why do we give a shit who jim krause. Geus dating at this point. Who is this guy who literally who cares. And that's what she's been working with this whole time. Basically who cares. I love this lead. Though a bizarre report that actress page six complaining about the daily mail. It's like we're all. These are both i arms of the same tree branches of the your your cousin first cousin. Although i always complain about my cousins. So i get. that's true. A bizarre report. That actress. Jane creek hausky had an affair with my pillow guy. Mike lindell was fiercely. Shot down now page. six can exclusively revealed. The thirty rock star has been sharing more elegant pillow. Talk with famed architect david rockwell. It truly is do you. And i bet what happened which i think is just so funny to me. I bet page six already knew this information but no one cares jim hausky stating he just an architect. I bet jane's people were like well. You just publish. Jane is dating a now. it's relevant or they just were like oh pages like we actually know her boyfriend is. Let's just publish it again. Because it's relevant. You know what i mean. It's funny because the news is coming off as like. Oh look who. She's dating now. It's like she's been dating this guy for like what three years two year like for a significant amount of time since two thousand and nineteen according to this okay so enough time two years one year basically. And they're like let's like time to drop this this news now that she's relevant. I just think that's so funny because otherwise why would we have this. Like who care. And i would believe that because they're proof even as they as you scroll down. It's like she's been pictured with this guy many times so it's just like she's not really trying to hide a relationship. It's just not i don't really care with that. And now that this other thing came out they care he seems fine. Whatever like it doesn't surprise me. At all his stuff is cool. Like i went to his website rockwell through dot com rockwell like a fancy various steamed architect. Who designs really cool like spaces. It's not like house. It's like public spaces and businesses in school. I don't know it looks like a fancy pants architect itself. Funny

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