Doorbell Video Shows Girl Scout Making Adorable Sales Pitch


Cam video of first grader named Alice Troyer doing her girl Scout Cookie sales pitch has gone viral. After alleys video was shared online, She smashed her own sales goal selling 600 boxes. Here's a clip of her pitch that was caught on doorbell Cam. I'm not with you, Blake to buy some girl's stockings. You what you see is while five basis to seminary or nine or 10 and the best running you say, I'm against Daddy Thank you, Ugo. Which reminds me there's a very famous story of a boy selling chocolate candy bars in central Texas. And that kid now works on this show, and he still does his pitch about once a year. So lunch box take it away. I was a legend back in the day and I would stand out in front of grocery stores. I'd knock on your door and you'd answer not have that candy bar my hand. I'd be like hello for our little league fundraiser this year. We're selling world's finest chocolate with almonds in the middle, and I was wondering if you'd like to buy any Helena. I sold so money and tell me that wouldn't get you when I hit the world's finest chocolate with the metal. I mean, those candy bars the warlike really, don't my God. Oh, girl, that almonds were big. They were big against. Yeah.

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