Bitcoin value surges past $30,000 (£22,000) for first time


Extended its record record smashing smashing run, run, the the digital digital currency currency saw saw its its value value explode explode by by more more than than 300% 300% in in 2020. 2020. Culminating Culminating in in being being traded traded at at more more than $33,000 today. Perhaps no one is more excited about that value surged in Carolina Panthers offense of linemen Russia Lo Koon. Who this week reach an agreement with the team to pay out part of his salary, Not money. None cash but in Bitcoin. His nation. Reporter Ryan Kruger breaks down how we will get paid. And if this could be a growing trend, among other pro athletes, he's a beast on the gridiron, a two time pro bowler Super Bowl champion and now a trendsetter in the NFL, Russell O'Connor took half of his $13 million salary from the Panthers. And got paid in Bitcoin $6.5 million in crypto currency. You used crypto currency. It's backed by nothing. You know, it's literally one sin zeroes out there on the Internet. So what exactly is Bitcoin for that We turn to cyber expert Dever and weren with liquid video technologies, Basically just Currency That doesn't really exist. You know, it's Ah, It's a Blockchain of money that doesn't have any value. Just like any money market. You can make money on your investment. They're probably speculating. That the market will change enough and when they bought in when they got the $6 million to go up, But it has wild dramatic swings. And look Kano comes Twitter feed shows he's been passionate about the crypto currency for years and sees it as a way of the future. In fact, many crypto currency advocates say it's a decentralized form of money. Gets customers away from big banks. But word warns if tomorrow the bank folded my in your bank folded, the federal government would step in and ensure that money. Make sure that Ryan endeavor and got their money back if big Point goes from 26,000 to a dollar Nobody stepping in to do anything.

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