UN says 130 countries have not received a single COVID-19 vaccine dose


Secretary general antonio guitarist has sharply criticized the widely uneven and unfair distribution of covid vaccines saying ten countries have administered seventy five percent of all vaccinations and demanding a global effort to get all people in every country vaccinated as soon as possible. The un chief told a high level meeting the un security council on wednesday. The one hundred thirty countries had not yet received a single dose of vaccine at this critical moment. Vaccine equity is the biggest moral test before the global community. He said he called on the world's major economic powers in the group of twenty to establish an emergency taskforce to establish a plan and coordinate its implementation and financing. He said the task force should have the capacity to mobilise. The pharmaceutical companies in key industry and logistics actors guitarist said friday's meeting of the group of seven major industrialized nations. The united states. Germany japan britain france canada and italy can create the momentum to mobilize the necessary financial resources. Thirteen ministers addressed the virtual council meeting organized by britain on improving access to covid vaccinations including in conflict areas. The corona virus has infected more than one hundred and nine million people and killed at least two point four million according to the johns hopkins university tracker as manufacturers struggle to ramp up production of vaccines many countries. Complain of being left out and even rich nations are facing shortages and domestic complaints.

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