Episode 21-09 Science tells us how Change Peoples Minds ???


Let's take five with more gun this. It's five minutes in twenty ten. I spoke with bill. Bryson about his book at home assured history of private life while reading his book it became clear to me that the history of how humans live their private lives is really the history of household technology for. Hadn't thought of it in those. But yeah you're absolutely right. Houses israeli as the point. I make in the book is the history of everything i mean. You can look at it. Thomas tissue from a biological sample from a social standpoint from technological standpoint and and yet we never look at it really for many standpoints. History of private life is something that doesn't get taught in schools. It doesn't really feature on any any radar anywhere and that was the whole idea. The book was that i had spent the whole of my formative years in school learning about the history of the world from the perspective of wars and diplomacy and can big global events. Things happening a big tapestry. But actually when you stop and think about all of those things where they ultimately end up the chievements of history and up in our homes and everybody has to be somewhere. Everybody has a home. Everybody has a home in. Homes are oddly recognizable. Go on into these very much in the book but it is a strange thing where wherever you go worldview dropped into unfamiliar environment you can recognize the helms. You can distinguish homes very quickly even though a lot of times. You know are not terribly distinguishable in terms of architecture. There is something about an atmosphere of domesticity that we all know. And it's very very hard to define what makes a house or what makes a residence because it can be so many different things all really essentially an infinite number of materials that can be any kind of shape it can be these and yet we know a home when we say it. You're jumping off. Point is your actual home in england. Tell us about well. The whole idea more was that that in two thousand and three after the in new hampshire for eight years i moved back to england with my english wife and kids and we ended up living in a former church of england. Parsonage in norfolk in east anglia. And while i was sitting there soon after we arrived i was kicking. I just for books needed to come with an idea for new book. And i was actually sitting at the kitchen table and just idly fingering the salt and pepper shakers on the table and and i thought why those two. Why do we always have salt and pepper at every table ever kitchen table. I've ever sat. You know i grew up in iowa. We had salt and pepper on the table. I live in. England now had taught and pepper on the table. Why why those two. I not salt and cinnamon pepper or any other combination of things and that was my kind of starting point was thinking that know. Actually i don't know anything about and how they're organized and and really the histories behind these everyday objects that we are immersed in all the time so the whole idea of the book became. I'll make a trip travel around my own house dissolved parsonage in england. And i'll just go from room to room. And i read a history of the earth from the perspective of each room so that bathroom would be a history of hygiene and kitchen the history cooking bedroom be sex and death in sleeping. Whatever happened in history in those rooms and and see where that takes us. And i had no idea what i what i might be embarking upon and how old does the parsonage it was. It was built in eighteen fifty one. So it's about one hundred six years and you had blueprints from the original parsonage lucky that it was the property because that meant had a pretty good record of both the original plans had been saved because the church of england held onto all of these things because otherwise they might have been lost at some point in the last century and a half and also we had a complete record of of occupants from you know we knew them the names of all through the church of england new the names of all the directors who lived in this house from from eighteen fifty up until the nineteen seventies when it was sold off chertoff found it very hard to keep these grand old parsonage is it was quite expensive houses for for Country parsons and so. They beginning in the twentieth century. They began to sell off. Little by little you've been listening to a twenty ten technician interview with bill bryson about his book at home a short history of private life with the covid nineteen pandemic and global sheltering in place. The technologies in our home are distinctly unprecedented. Bill bryson's latest book is the body a guide for occupants. I'm moir again. This is five minutes. Five minutes is produced at the studios of k. Q. e. d. fm in san francisco. Five minutes is a production of tech nation media. I'm paul land from san francisco. I'm moir again. And this is tech nation

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