Illinois Democrats celebrate monumental criminal justice law while GOP, police push back


LaShawn Ford. Democrat for Illinois, Eighth District is pushing back against criticism that labels as rushed or hurried a new criminal justice reform law. They was passed by lawmakers during the waning hours of lame duck session, then signed into law today by Governor Brisker. No, I didn't come through. Nothing happened and this session that lame duck session that we haven't been working on for decades, the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police criticized the reform bill as anti police. Lamont Police chief Mark Matan says they're especially opposed to a provision that eventually eliminates cash bail statewide in which he says they were initially open to discussing. But they had to do two things. They had to ensure that the state's turns and judges, it was clear to them what discretion they had so that they continue to lock up people that were a danger to the community and number two that they had to find some way of guaranteeing that people would choke for the court dates right now. I'm not sure that that is incorporated in that build

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