Podcast: GMO terminator seeds debunked; Alternative medicine harms women; Cancer-fighting CRISPR beer?


Through the semester during covid but enjoying the beautiful of florida winter and feeling really bad for those everywhere else. Yeah man even in california. It's kinda cold and rainy. Still so i feel a little bit gypped but i'm not in texas so there you go. Yeah yeah they really got hit hard and it was. The worst part is in place like texas gets hit with that kind of cold. Your there's no infrastructure that's prepared for it and you know heart goes out to him so many broken pipes and you know things like that that it's gonna take a long time to come back yeah. It's brutal. I saw people sleeping in their cars with engines running. I think just to stay warm. So what the garage door shut. Don't do that twitter. People were not telling you to kiss. Hobos run your. It's it's a little bit warmer. You get that extra layer of insulation right now. Not bad advice. Make sure that sleep in the car that you do it with an open garage door or without a tube. Connect to the guest to the exhaust pipe out. What we're talking about things. That are utterly false. I want to make just a quick correction a couple of weeks ago I we were discussing People tearing down statues of scientists and golden rice as a colonialism project. And i mentioned philosopher david hume. We're talking about that. I said he was alive in the eighteen. Hundreds in reality died in seventeen seventy six. So i was just so worked up about the topic that i got the dates wrong. That's an spirit. Yeah yeah and it's been bugging me for weeks. And then we get on here to record and i forget saw so there. You go policy corrected very good and the but that's yeah and did you get like a hundred emails. That said you're an idiot or not. A lot of david hume did in my head. And i and i'm sure that someone at some point in history is gonna listen to this and go. What kind of a moron doesn't know when david hume died. I had to it's for my own vanity more than anything but it is It is true now. So there you go but with that we can

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