To get your ticket if you wanna watch it live. What you get a secret shows live dot com.


Watch it live. What you get a secret shows live dot com. Ah, week afterwards the video and audio will be posted for secret shows subscribers. So if you are a subscriber right now, you still get to see this stuff. You just have to wait a week and I'm telling you. You want to watch it live because people will be talking about this afterwards. Yeah, we're gonna have to blow out some stuff for the The man. That means it's uncensored, so stuff that happens in this feed. I don't know what the company that we're using for streaming is going to say if we go too far with stuff, but we might have to have some backup cos Yes, we could redirect secret chose life. Whatever we want. We're gonna need a couple of backup options. I think also, when are you gonna stop spelling my name like it's the word claim What? What I do, and that's how I always put it. I know it. The honey there's a dash. I'll put the dash in there. Okay? I did not know. I'll put the Passion. Therefore you it says, you know, Join myself, Sabrina and see Lane for secret shows Live one. It'll be February 25th. As I said at 7 P.m.. The very first secret shows live pay per view, and after that, we're going to start doing these things actually live out of venues so you can come hang out with us and we can have an absolute blast. So investigate their secret shows. Live dot com. And those shows after they air live The paper views one week later will be on these secret shows. App or website. So thanks. Hope you get in on this. There are limited number tickets. So you might want to go check it out. Now. Secret shows live calm. You're listening to the news Junkie Weekend edition. News, traffic and weather. Tampa Bay's news radio W F L A PEOPLE clamor for the Corona virus vaccine AZM or die from the virus. Pinellas County's appointments for next week filled in one hour, Florida reported another 156 death from covert 19 Saturday. People in Miami heard him first broadcast legend Larry King's death Saturday reminded people off his 25 year run hosting Larry King live on CNN, but he got his start in South Florida and gained fame. Wi OD Radio, where he developed an interview style that made people want to sit down with him. They know they're going to get a fair shake, and the show is about them. Not me. King died in Los Angeles at age 87. He had battled the coronavirus.

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